Cambridge Independent

The Cambridge Independent is an award-winning weekly newspaper and website published by Iliffe Media Ltd.

We aim to reflect the interests, concerns and views of the people who live here by creating distinctive, intelligent editorial, while offering effective advertising solutions.

The Cambridge Independent is positive and supportive of its community, encouraging interaction and engagement with its audience by being thought provoking and a trusted source of local information.

Launched in September 2016 by a family-owned independent publisher, the Cambridge Independent features extensive news, sport, features, business, culture, science, education, homes and family coverage, including a growing band of contributors from across our areas of the community.

The newspaper was named the UK's Weekly Newspaper of the Year at the NewsAwards 2017, only six months after launching.

The paper is available to purchase for £1 from more than 230 outlets across Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and beyond. Subscribers pay from 70p per week and benefit from free access to our app on iOS and Android and enjoy free membership of the Gourmet Society, worth £69.95. Visit or go to to subscribe.

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