Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) is developing the platform technology for the future of bionics, standardizing the connection between machines and the human nervous system for medical applications.

Address: Future Business Center, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 2HY
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

Many bionic device development groups are stuck with low-tech, partial solutions with limited impact or with prohibitively expensive & inaccessible custom R&D products. Out of the existing organisations that could solve this, we are the only non-proprietary player that has engineered a system with the bionics developers of the future in mind.

Applications of our technology allow deeper and more complex interactions between medical devices and a number of organs and systems within the body. We aim to support everything from patient-led one-offs to commercial devices; even from non-medical manufacturers. Today, our tech is being trialled for advanced limbs, bioelectronic medicines and bionic organs. 

In the near term, integrated bionics unlocks a new, cheaper and far more effective model for treating chronic conditions. With this in mind, we are focused on commercialising the technology needed for widespread adoption. To make something this complex, and to achieve widespread adoption, we are currently bringing our technology through the medical approval process and also working with Healthcare providers and Insurers to develop the health economic & policy framework for care by bionic devices.

Oliver Armitage (left) and Emil Hewage.Credit CBAS

Innovative engineers focus on healthcare

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS), led by University of Cambridge engineering alumni Oliver Armitage and Emil Hewage, wants to redefine the limits of the human body.

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