Lighthouse Advisory Partners

Lighthouse is a corporate development strategy, and M&A advisory firm for technology companies, we advise our clients on the optimal exit strategies for their businesses.

Reflecting on our time in corporate development roles within large tech firms, the team were amazed, through first-hand experience, how much bad advice was being offered to businesses. We established Lighthouse with the mantra "Excellence Always" to provide our clients with honest advice and expert insights they deserve.

We’re motivated by your success, and as a business owner you want the best outcome for your business. Many advisors are simply keen to 'get the deal done' with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process, studies have shown that this puts your chances of success at under 30% and reduces the price you recieve by as much as 50%.

We have solid foundations in mergers and acquisitions, and a deep knowledge of the markets that we serve, positioning us perfectly to offer you the best tailored advice and guidance. The Lighthouse team is one that you can trust. We will always offer you honest advice and practical solutions to help you realise your business goals and unlock your true potential

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