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Intellegens clients apply advanced machine learning to accelerate innovation for materials, chemicals, manufacturing, and beyond. Our unique deep learning technology extracts value from sparse, noisy, real-world data, saving time and cost by reducing experimental workloads and enabling optimised products and processes.

Intellegens is a provider of specialist machine learning software, based on algorithms with a unique capability to extract value from the sparse, noisy datasets that are typical of real-world experimental programs and manufacturing processes.

A key focus has been on problems in materials, chemicals, and manufacturing, in particular where there is a need to get better results from fewer experiments and to gain insights that can drive innovation. From the first use of our algorithms on designing a novel alloy for aerospace applications, we’ve gone on to tackle applications in areas including formulation design, chemical processes, drug discovery, materials development, batteries, and additive manufacturing. (Read our case studies).

The results are measured in product and process improvements, significantly reduced experimental costs, and faster time-to-market.

Our technology originated from the work of Dr Gareth Conduit and collaborators at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge and the Intellegens development team, based at the Eagle Labs in Cambridge, continues to push the boundaries of machine learning in close collaboration with our customers.

Whether as a customer, partner, or (as a rapidly-growing company) an employee, we’d love to have you as part of the Intellegens network.  Find out more about us on our website and get in touch.

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