Business Growth School

Business Growth School

Fast-Track Business Skills Training for Business Consultants and Business Executives: Business Growth School® training courses are designed for the Business Consultant, Business Executive, Entrepreneur and leadership team who want to be equipped with the essential business skills and on-going support to achieve real business success, right now and without delay.

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Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

For the Business Consultant:

You will learn the skills proven to secure a steady flow of exciting consultancy work, deliver outstanding client value, develop financial success as the ‘go-to’ business consultant and the Blueprint on how to earn in excess of £100k per annum working part-time as a business consultant without doing virtually any direct selling yourself.

For the Business Executive, Entrepreneur & Leadership Team:

You will learn the essential wider business skills necessary to take stock, achieve real focus, take your business to the next level and secure outstanding business growth and sales success.

For Both the Business Consultant and Business Executive:

You will learn how to master selling by “Simply Leading Intelligent Conversion” (SLIC Selling™), embracing the skills we are all capable of to literally transform your personal selling success, effectively review your sales team s effectiveness and also assess the real skills of your sales team and processes.

Training Course Design:

All Business Growth School® three-day business masterclass training courses are designed to equip delegates with the essential skills to achieve business success and growth. There are:

  • No unnecessary three-year programs
  • No volumes of content you are likely to never use
  • No lecturers teaching you something they have never done themselves

We know you are busy and your fast-track learning includes:

  • A combination of leading traditional frameworks through to the very latest business modules, systems, skills and techniques
  • How to complement your industry and sector expertise by learning how you can master your business proposition, strategy, marketing and sales, all of which are essential skills when preparing for business growth success
  • How you can achieve both a step-change transformation in performance and sustainable business success for the long-term
  • How you can nurse your business back to health and achieve unprecedented success
  • And learn know not only the ‘What to do’ but ‘How to Do It’

Mastering Sales Skills:

Do you feel uncomfortable when selling?

If the answer is yes, then don’t worry, as the majority of business consultants, business executives and leaders do too.

At the Business Growth School, we define sales as “Simply Leading Intelligent Conversation (SLIC)” and as expert trainers in business and consultancy selling, as part of your essential skills Masterclass Training, you will learn our unique EASY Selling® process and SLIC Selling™ approach, proven to transform your confidence, sales and selling success.

On-Going Support:

Having support when taking action will drive energy, accelerate positive outcomes and contribute to the success of achieving truly outstanding implementation. With this in mind, the Business Growth School has been uniquely structured to support you and your success.

In addition to the option of joining the Business Growth School’s on-going VIP training and mentoring packages, designed to support both business consultants and business executives, the Business Growth School is able to bring together expertly trained and accredited Business Growth School Consultants who can then support implementation delivery for our business executive delegates using the same frameworks, skills and expertise they learned at the Business Growth School.

Starting Your Journey:

We Guarantee a fast-track, knowledge filled business growth learning experience that will provide you with skills you can implement the very next day.

To fast-track your success, simply select your course, make your course booking and we will look forward to providing you with the skills for real success.

Business Growth Review

Business Growth Review

The Business Growth Review is where business owners, MDs, CEOs and entrepreneurs can secure an expert to work directly with you in your business, review your overall operation and provide you with recommendations on what your business needs to truly fast-track your business growth success.

SLIC Selling™ Masterclass

SLIC Selling™ Masterclass

Selling is no more than “Simply Leading Intelligent Conversation” (SLIC Selling™) and we can all do that, can’t we!

Business Growth Masterclass

Business Growth Masterclass

Are you looking to secure the skills to achieve step-change business transformation, turnaround or growth?

Business Consultant Masterclass

Business Consultant Masterclass

On the Business Consultant Masterclass at the Business Growth School, you will learn skills on how you can fast-track your success, secure the steady flow of projects and income you are looking for, and also achieve both financial and career freedom as a Business Consultant.

Top10 Strategies How to Become a Successful Business Consultant

Free ebook - 'How to become a successful business consultant'

Alan Crouch, CEO & Founder of the Business Growth School®, writes: “Hello and welcome to a copy of the Prologue from our eBook on the Top 10 Strategies on How to Become a Successful Business Consultant, written by me to save you time by getting straight to the point and providing you with ten real strategies that will help you on your way to success as a business consultant.

31 July 2018Read in full