Red Balloon

Red Balloon is a charity that provides a recovery programme for young people who self exclude from mainstream education as a result for severe bullying or extreme trauma.

Founded in 1996, Red Balloon is a community in which children who have been traumatised by bullying or other events and circumstances can feel safe, regain their self-esteem, get back on an academic track and become confident enough to be able to rejoin their mainstream peers.

The short-term educational and therapeutic programmes run at our Centres help build children’s self-confidence and enable them to return to mainstream education or move into employment or training.

All our students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum of academic subjects, creative arts, counselling or therapy, and personal and social education.

We work in partnership with local schools to improve student attendance and academic progress.

Students in KS4 can work towards GCSE and other qualifications.

When students have regained their self-esteem and confidence, we support them in the next stage of their educational journey – back to school, on to college, or on to training.

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