Ely Aviation Ltd

Ely Aviation Ltd

Ely Aviation is a nationwide commercial drone operator based in Cambridgeshire and working in the fields of aerial-survey, 3D mapping, aerial inspection, aerial photography and aerial videography.

Telephone: 01353 771 459
Address: Saint Thomas Place, Ely
Postcode: CB7 4EX
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.elyaviation.co.uk
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

We operate as two distinctly different teams. 


  • Team 1 produces stunning aerial photography and cinematography, working with television production companies and large corporates all over the UK.
  • Team 2 works with chartered surveyors and local authorities up and down the UK delivering aerial surveying, inspection and mapping services.


Utilising the latest cutting-edge drone technology we work with our clients to provide a seamless end-to-end service. We operate to the highest standards, with safety, customer service and quality as our focus. Our drone operators are all qualified to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) standards, fully insured and DBS cleared. Ely Aviation holds PFCO status from the CAA and is certified to operate throughout the UK and Europe.

TG Lynes

Ely Aviation delivers aerial excellence for TG Lynes

Ely Aviation, one of the UK’s leading aerial cinematography specialists, was recently commissioned by industry leading industrial wholesaler TG Lynes to capture a short movie detailing its state-of-the-art warehousing facilities in Enfield.

7 December 2018Read in full


3iC and ProDrone Academy market new enhanced PfCO course

Industry leading training organisation and CAA approved NQE 3iC has teamed up with Cambridge’s ProDrone Academy to add new and enhanced ground school packages to its portfolio of professional UAV training products.

15 October 2018Read in full

drone operators

You can’t know it all! (But you can learn more than your competitors)

You'll never stop learning, as the old saying goes, and never a truer word was spoken regarding the commercial drone sector.

11 October 2018Read in full


Everyone could be an expert

Technology in the commercial drone industry is still advancing, so there is a need for continual training if pilots want to stay abreast of the latest developments, says Ely Aviation.

25 September 2018Read in full

Ely Aviation

Everyone’s an expert!

The UAV industry is still very young and as such it has its fair share of del-boy operators, newly qualified pilots and so-called ‘experts’ But the truth is that they can be far from being an expert!

6 September 2018Read in full

Ely Aviation launches new amateur training programme for first time pilots

Cambridgeshire based commercial drone operator and training company Ely Aviation has this week announced a new workshop to be added to its suite of training programmes.

28 August 2018Read in full

drone flying

Setting new boundaries with drones - aerial surveying takes off in Cambridge

Ely Aviation was recently asked by one of its clients to perform a detailed aerial survey of a piece of land for the purposes of defining new boundaries.

21 August 2018Read in full

A candidate completes his PfCO Trainging

First students pass through the Ely Aviation Drone Academy

Ely Aviation recently announced that the first candidates on the 3iC Remote Pilot Authorisation course have recently graduated, allowing them to apply to the Civil Aviation Authority to become fully fledged Commercial Drone Pilots.

14 August 2018Read in full

drone camera

Ely Aviation brings market leading aerial surveying course to Cambridge

Ely Aviation has teamed up with Arc Aerial Imaging to bring their market leading 'Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry' course to Cambridge in late September.

8 August 2018Read in full

Phantom 3

Ely Aviation launches dedicated surveying division

Cambridgeshire based aerial imaging specialist Ely Aviation has recently announced the launch of a brand new separate division of the company that will focus on aerial surveying, inspection and geospatial analysis.

31 July 2018Read in full

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