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Tilney is an award-winning financial planning and investment company that builds on a heritage of more than 180 years.

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Combined Financial Planning and Investment Services

Investments play a major part in the financial plans of many of our clients. Our financial planners and investment professionals can work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your goals. We call this our two-expert approach.

A personal strategy to achieve your goals

Whatever you want to achieve with your money, our financial planners and investment professionals are here to help. You may need help in a specific area like planning for retirement or investing for the children in your life. For more complex needs, we can create a strategy that covers your complete finances and is designed to meet all your needs and requirements.

Two experts working together

We believe that your financial goals are most likely to be achieved with two specialists working together. Investing and financial planning are separate disciplines with different skillsets and qualifications – those trying to do the two jobs simultaneously can end up compromising in both.

Your financial planner will create the strategy and structure your assets. Your investment manager or adviser can then build your investment portfolio and make sure it remains suitable – either by managing your investments or giving you ongoing advice.

Our investment approach

Working with your financial planner, our investment professionals can create an investment portfolio that complements your financial plan. Whether we are managing your investments or advising you on them, your portfolio will be tailored to your individual requirements and based on our rigorous investment process.

Your portfolio will be tailored to your individual requirements and based on our rigorous investment process.

To build your portfolio we use the macroeconomic framework from our investment office to decide on an initial asset allocation based on your goals and attitude to risk. We then use the output of our research department to select the individual investments from each asset class that are best suited to your circumstances and requirements.

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