Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - A scientific approach to self-improvement


Based on the latest developments in neuroscience, my approach to therapy is serious, effective and has a fast and tangible impact. 

In my practice, trance is used to harness the power of the brain, through giving it space to problem-solve constructively (think of those "Eureka!" moments that come when your brain is seemingly idling).  In line with the scientific method, the sessions follow clear and consistent rules to develop healthy thought patterns, while pruning the neural pathways that foster bad habits of thinking.

So many problems that we face in today's world have their foundations in anxiety and stress - and neuroscience is able to point to the effect that stress has on us.  Stress triggers a range of survival responses that are detrimental to constructive thinking.  When faced with a hungry lion, your horizon of focus becomes pretty limited!  That's what stress does to us - and that is why once we are immersed in stress, it can be so difficult to get out.

As you'd expect from a hypnotherapist, I work with people to tackle a range of issues - including anxiety, depression, self esteem, phobias, IBS, migraines, fertility and pain management  And yes, of course, smoking!  Unlike many hypnotherapists, I am able to explain why I do what I do and what the science is behind my therapy sessions.


With a background in Sales Management, I trained up as a hypnotherapist, having seen the devastating impact work-related stress, anxiety and self-esteem issues can have on a person's health and well-being.

I now run Change Through Trance, a successful practice in Swavesey and enjoy the daily privilege of putting people back in control and feeling positive about life.

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