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Source Code Control

Source Code Control specialises in building business processes to manage cyber security, licensing and operational risks in open source software applications developed in-house or by third party suppliers.

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We help responsible organisations who develop or modify software transparently demonstrate to their customers how they avoid passing on risk and keep customers protected.

We have recently assisted the Code4Health programme at UK NHS in obtaining OpenChain Conformance.

The conformance means that our customer AB-EHR and the UK NHS (Code4Health programme) have taken steps (with our help) to ensure their Software application is correctly licensed with current Open Source Software components. Open Source Software is found in around 95% of all software published and there are 2,400 different license variants. In addition, we have helped AB-EHR to identify any known cyber security issues in their application.

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Technical Due Diligence

Before you ask for funding or before you buy that company with the great software solution - have you considered cyber security? Licensing? Copyright? Patching? GDPR? We have helped many companies with their technical due diligence - providing data points to support company values.

Penetration Testing

A new solution can open up your attack surface - take a more intelligent approach with targeted testing. We use a combination of software composition analysis & penetration testing to assess your application. The work delivers a standard set of easy to understand, actionable assessments.

Cyber Sec Check - ready for launch?

The work delivers a standard set of easy to understand and action assessments, including cyber security, 3rd Party Open Source component/library/package vulnerabilities, copyright and Licensing. All of the things which could diminish the value of a project or organisation through legal action or bad publicity.

Getting it Right with Open Source Software

This course is an interactive class room based workshop designed to help organisations implement a governance program for obtaining, creating and distributing software developments such as ERP, CRM, Cloud and IoT in the modern cloud and high-paced development world.
Successful completion of the course will accredit the attendee with CPD hours.

Source Code Control helps UK NHS achieve software supply chain conformance

Source Code Control has recently assisted the Code4Health programme at the UK NHS in obtaining OpenChain Conformance.

30 April 2018Read in full