’s mission is to apply the principles of data science to biology to code cells for the wellbeing of humanity. Its proprietary technology, opti-ox, enables highly efficient and consistent reprogramming of human cells for use in research, drug discovery, and cell therapy. This scalable platform for the production of human cells is also the basis for a new generation of cell and tissue therapies. is an award-winning human synthetic biology enterprise.'s mission is to code cells to advance the wellbeing of humanity. To do so, we apply the principles of computation to biology. 

Our current focus is to develop a scalable technology platform capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell. This has the potential to unlock a new generation of medicine: it will enable research and drug discovery to move on from inappropriate models and work with the cells that actually are affected by human disease. A scalable platform of consistent cells will also be the basis for a new generation of cell and tissue therapies. 

To achieve our goals, we have assembled a team of pioneers in stem cells, cellular reprogramming, mathematical modelling, and cell therapy. 

Collaboration is at the heart of We are empirical, highly ambitious and driven by a common purpose. For more information visit

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