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Simon Hall Communications

Communications support in all areas, including - - Branding, reports, pitches, presentations and speech writing ~ Conventional and social media ~ Websites ~ Photography and videography ~ Public speaking

Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Simon Hall is a communications consultant, journalist and author. 

He was a broadcaster for twenty five years, mostly as a BBC Television, Radio and Online News Correspondent, covering some of the biggest stories Britain has seen.

Simon now works as a communications consultant for the University of Cambridge, and a range of businesses. He helps with strategy, branding, reports, pitches, presentations and speech writing, along with enhancing organisations' media profiles, both conventional and social.

He also works with senior politicians and civil servants in preparing, polishing and presenting their messages.

His books - the tvdetective series - are about a television reporter who covers crimes and gets so involved in the cases he helps the police to solve them. Seven have been published.

Simon has also contributed articles and short stories to a range of newspapers and magazines, written plays, and even a pantomime.

He is a tutor in media skills and creative writing, teaching at popular Writers’ Summer Schools such as Swanwick and Winchester, for the National Association of Writers’ Groups, at universities including Cambridge and Exeter, on cruise ships and overseas.

Simon has also become sought after as a speaker, appearing at a variety of prestigious literary festivals. His talks combine an insight into his writing work, along with some extraordinary anecdotes from the life of a television reporter, including the now notorious story of What to do when you really need a dead otter.

He is married to Jess, Director of Libraries at the University of Cambridge, and has an adopted daughter, Niamh. 

Simon lectures on careers in the media at Cambridge University, and is an aspiration champion in schools and colleges, often working with the Speakers for Schools charity.

Amongst his proudest achievements, he includes the number of young people he has helped into leading universities and jobs in broadcasting, and aspiring writers into publication.

Winks of fate

Find yourself unsure of a decision or direction in life? Keep an eye out for winks of fate, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall, and they might just help you towards the right path.

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A legacy resolution

Are you struggling for a worthwhile New Year's resolution? The best ones don't need much thought. They just feel right. So writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall.

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Superpowers and secret weaknesses

Knowing yourself means being able to look after your customers better, and these two simple questions can help, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall.

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The commerce of character

Are you operating in a crowded market, and struggling to find a distinctive appeal? There's an inexpensive and straightforward, yet powerful way to give yourself an advantage on your competitors, writes Communications Consultant Simon Hall...

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The power of a paradigm shift

Do you sometimes feel a little sorry for yourself? Run down and ground down when things don't seem to be going your way? Communications consultant Simon Hall did this week, and outlines an experience that might help you back to the happier path of energy, optimism, and dynamism...

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Faces in the crowd

Do you get nervous giving presentations? Does that stop you performing at your best?
How much help would it be in your talk to get regular lifts of your morale, and a sense you're really getting through to an audience? Communications Consultant Simon Hall has a simple, but effective trick to help...

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Simon Hall standing in front of a projected slide

A very British problem

Are your pitches or presentations falling flat? There might just be a simple reason for that, writes Cambridge based Communications Consultant Simon Hall. And the good news is that the problem can be easily solved...

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Simon Hall standing in front of a projected slide

Fixing the odds in changing careers

Are you considering changing career? Or even just thinking about it? If so, this is a must read, as Communications Consultant Simon Hall - who made his own big life change a year ago - writes about the most important piece of advice he was given as he embarked on his new adventure...

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Teaching, speeching, and a wonderful whisper

What's the secret of really getting your message across in a talk or presentation? Not confusing teaching with speeching, says Cambridge based Communications Consultant, Simon Hall...

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Sad beginnings, happy endings

Is it possible to make up for a bad start to an important event? Yes, says Communications Consultant, Simon Hall, with the aid of some cheesy jokes and chocolate biscuits - but how much better not to be in that situation in the first place.

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