Marsner Technologies

Marsner Technologies

Marsner Technologies is a top technology company that delivers software and hardware solutions to global clients, accelerating the creation of unique, inspiring products. Using an agile development approach, Marsner works with its clients to define and develop customer-engaging products and services, minimizing overhead and maximizing profits.

Telephone: +44 (0)161 768 2033
Address: 3 Hardman Street, Manchester
Postcode: M3 3HF
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

About Us

At Marsner Technologies, we believe in technology that enhances our lives and makes a difference. Our mission is to help companies define and develop the right products and services to deliver a truly stunning customer experience.

About Our Services

Driven by passion and grounded by experience, Marsner Technologies is a top technology company that delivers software and hardware solutions to global clients developing unique products.  

Our expertise is designed to accelerate time to market, improve customer engagement in the development process, and ultimately, reduce business risk.

We combine creative, customized and easy to use interfaces with well-structured software architecture and trail-blazing electronic hardware products, empowering your teams to achieve growth and goals.   

Recognized for our tightly integrated security throughout the development lifecycle, and commitment to upgradable, constantly evolving solutions, our products boost innovation and quality, minimize overhead and maximize profits.

With over a decade of client experience, driven from its Development Centre in Timisoara, Romania, and customer offices in Berlin and Manchester, Marsner Technologies has its brand firmly at the heart of European innovation.
One team, multiple areas of expertise, dedicated to your success.



Software development
Hardware development
Electronic product development
Dedicated Teams

Our Clients

Our team has experience working on projects for companies ranging from IoT start-ups  to major players in the automotive industry and robotics industry, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, ABB, Bitdefender and Continental AG.