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Whitehill Pelham Limited

whitehill pelham are making talent sourcing simple. Our talent partners are focused on: a contemporary & conversational approach, open & honest communication, and understanding the heart of your business. We can certainly help you find the next great role, or the next talented team member to join your business. We work across sectors, and we support in the search for talent at all levels across businesses.

Telephone: 01223 828 370
Address: F2 Blenheim House, Cambridge Innovation Park, Denny End Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB25 9QE
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.whitehillpelham.co.uk
Membership type:Agency (£ on application - contact us)

Welcome to whitehill pelham

Looking for a new team member to join your business need not be an exhausting experience!  Partnering with the whitehill pelham team to undertake the search will be refreshing!  We are very targeted in what we do, and we certainly get to know every one of our clients to understand what is important to them now and future aspirations.  This applies to both the company and the candidate.  

We have a unique approach to our talent search which incorporates in-depth discovery conversations and the use of scientific profiling.  Both of which will provide unique insights in to the candidates and the role available.

What is important to us is partnering, and by that we mean:

“talent partners”: we find the best talent for your business by simply talking with you.  Each client works exclusively with one talent partner. Things get lost when people are passed round, so we don’t do that. We want individual relationships so our partners know as much as possible about your business and you can be sure you will keep working with a person you trust.

“contemporary & conversational”: we talk with you first. To find the best person, we need to understand you. The only way is by talking with you, not at you. We don’t work from just a piece of paper. It’s about knowing the details: the personality, the added-extras and the small skills that matter in your business. We use individual candidate profiles so clients get to know more about who they are beyond the bullet points.

“open & honest”: we are up-front with candidates and clients alike. Open and honest isn’t just a tagline; it is part of whitehill pelhem. We are dedicated to honest feedback between ourselves, clients and candidates. Everyone involved in our process is respected and heard. Whether we’re just having a chat or are focused on business, open and honest communication is a priority.

“the heart of your business”: we work at the heart of your business. We don’t do CV avalanches. We send the ones that count: the ones that could be your colleagues and friends. To find these people we want to know everything. We want to know why your business exists; your aspirations for what it can become, and how we can help that growth. We know, that cheesy as it may sound, the heart of your business is what keeps it running.

Contact us to chat through how we can solve your talent search conundrum!  Contact us at talented@whitehillpelham.co.uk

Whitehill Pelham and talentdesk acquired by Sam Sales

Whitehill Pelham writes: We are very pleased to announce that Sam Sales, the entrepreneur behind the leading HR firm call hr, has acquired our recruitment consultancy, Whitehill Pelham (incorporating talentdesk).

1 May 2018Read in full

CCVS appoints a new CEO after a successful campaign managed by Whitehill Pelham

CCVS appoints a new CEO after a successful campaign managed by Whitehill Pelham

Whitehill Pelham are pleased to have successfully completed a search for a Chief Executive Officer for Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service (CCVS). Brad Stombock was appointed to the role in July 2015.

1 September 2015Read in full

Experienced recruiter Nabiilah Hossen-Saib transfers to the talentdesk team

Experienced recruiter Nabiilah Hossen-Saib transfers to the talentdesk team

Whitehill Pelham is pleased to announce that experienced recruiter Nabiilah Hossen-Saib has transferred to the talentdesk team to lead Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Operations Administrative and Graduate Recruitment.

23 September 2014Read in full

Whitehill Pelham welcomes back experienced recruiter Donna Minns

Whitehill Pelham welcomes back experienced recruiter Donna Minns

Whitehill Pelham is pleased to announce that experienced recruiter Donna Minns has rejoined the team in a pivotal role to drive forward the firm's Marketing Recruitment specialism.

2 April 2014Read in full

The impressive Milton Hall

New year means new premises for Whitehill Pelham

Recruitment consultants Whitehill Pelham and talentdesk are delighted to be marking the start of 2014 with a move to the newly refurbished Milton Hall.

9 January 2014Read in full

Whitehill Pelham assists Kerio Technologies in Cambridge with new sales team member

Whitehill Pelham is delighted to have assisted Kerio Technologies in the appointment of Liz Sherwood as their UK Channel Sales Manager.

17 December 2013Read in full

Whitehill Pelham celebrates its tenth anniversary

Independent recruitment firm, Whitehill Pelham, celebrates ten years of helping organisations in East Anglia to succeed.

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Whitehill Pelham's 2009 East Anglia Employment Survey

2009 has been a challenging year for many businesses. With the media having a field day reporting bad news, and good news receiving nothing more than a footnote, any outsider would view the UK Employment Market as dead or dying.

29 October 2009Read in full

Whitehill Pelham sponsors 'Best induction programme' at the Cambridgeshire Recruitment Awa...

Large companies, small businesses, recruitment consultancies, advertising agencies and entrepreneurs in Cambridgeshire are warmly encouraged to enter the 2005 Cambridgeshire Recruitment Awards

29 November 2005Read in full

Get talented

talentdesk, a new temporary agency has opened in Cambridge.

22 June 2005Read in full