Vector Laboratories Ltd

Vector Laboratories develops, manufactures and markets labelling and detection reagents for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, DNA/RNA and glycobiology. The company serves customers in disease and therapeutics research with tools that help them precisely visualize and study tissues and cells. Since 1st July 2020, sales and marketing in UK and Ireland is managed solely by our partner, 2BScientific Ltd, Europe's fastest growing provider of life science products and services.

A pioneer in a number of innovative technologies, Vector Laboratories has been providing a continuous stream of reliable tools for more than 40 years. After introducing purified lectin reagents, we revolutionized the field of histological staining with the VECTASTAIN® ABC family of products - used for immunohistochemistry and other applications. Continued innovations include ImmPRESS polymer detection systems, the Vector® M.O.M. reagents, enzyme substrates that yield a palette of colours for multiple labelling needs; our acclaimed anti-fade VECTASHIELD® mounting media and our fluorescent products. Other pioneering products include bioconjugation reagents, neuronal tracers, ultrapure immunological products, and novel reagents for labelling and detection of proteins. Vector Laboratories’ substantial presence in the scientific literature is a testament to the widespread use of our products and their quality.

With headquarters in Burlingame, California, the company maintains a network of more than 40 distributors across the globe. A privately held company, Vector Laboratories was acquired by Maravai LifeSciences in 2016.






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