Indigo Talent Development Ltd

Indigo Talent Development Ltd

Hilary McLellan is the owner and founder of Indigo Talent Development and an experienced Organisational Behaviourist, Team and Exec Coach. Indigo comprises of a Co-operative of professionals who design bespoke team development days and programmes for clients who wish to improve their personal, team and business performance.

Address: 22 Eltisley Road, Great Gransden
Postcode: SG19 3AR
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Indigo provide: Team Coaching, Exec Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership Development

Specialising in: Well-being, Compassionate Leadership, Leading in Pressurised Environments, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Self Confidence.

Mob: 07940928725

What our clients told us during our last business year ...  

The problem: how our clients described their reality, when we started working with them this year …

  • pressurised working environments that are fast paced and often unpredictable
  • complex decisions need to be made quickly, with little time or resource
  • relationships can be poor with internal and external customers
  • low employee engagement
  • stress and work life balance can be difficult to attain

 The solutions: what Indigo’s facilitation and coaching provided …

  • space to slow down; in order to speed up
  • better understanding and perspective
  • to build upon each other’s strengths
  • to build deeper relationships with clients to sustain and expand business
  • to increase their own and their team’s performance





More Space, Less Pace Team Development Programme

More Space, Less Pace Team Development Programme

Our clients regularly ask us to create a space for them to: get to know each other better; slow down; to talk, listen and reflect on the challenges and pressures they face in the workplace

Cognitive diversity psychometric for individuals and teams

Organisations are continually changing, growing and transforming. Understanding how individuals and teams may be best placed along such a growth curve is paramount in terms of efficiency and motivating employees.

Strengthscope Psychometric for individuals and teams

Strengthscope is a leading assessment that provides a comprehensive measurement of individuals' and teams' strengths and the extent to which these are productively applied at work.

Emotional Intelligence Psychometric for individuals and teams

The Emotional Capital Report 360 assesses an individual's Emotional Intelligence (EI) against x10 EI competencies of leaders together with a supporting 360.

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Indigo Talent Development says hello and glad to be a member!

Indigo Talent Development says: "Hello, who we are, what we do and where we'll be on Friday 4th May!"

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