BASF 3d Animated Project

BASF 3d Animated Project

BASF required a 3d animation explaining their watertight product.

Strangebox has just finished creating a 3d animation for BASF which explains their 'WaterTight' product used to keep foundations of large buildings free from water damage. 

The animation was commision by FullRotation and after an intial brief from the client we got to work looking through the clients rough storyboard.

As with all animation projects timing and sticking to deadlines whilst retaining a constant communication with the client is essential.

We start off with draft animations which lead to various sign off phases continually building up detail for each version.

When the client was happy with the timing and order of events we began with creating the detail.

We didn't hold back with detail, even modelling small details like nuts and bolts, worn out looking ladders, stones and other details which although not requested add to the overal premium look of the project.

A joy to work on this project which can be seen in the link.



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