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Coaching that's easily accessible, applicable, and sustainable, the PASSION toolset allows companies to continuously measure real-world people development as opposed to a set of metrics that are more financially focused than human focused.

RESULTS - guaranteed increase in keeping and fulfilling the needs of your top talent.

Workshop - Creating Human Leaders

Benefits you will get as a Leader from Workshop:
- Becoming a human leader - honing skills of more resilience, clarity, responsibility and empathy
- Improved ability to deal with your own & employees challenges or stress
- Remembering why your doing the business, aligning yours & others passion with actions

Subject To Technical Issues

3 reasons leaders cannot afford to ignore the shift from connections to hyper connectivity

This article explores the contradiction that the last 15 years of digital growth has bestowed upon us. On the one hand we have huge advances in the medical, scientific and IT sectors, however, we also now have the increase in many more personal development challenges: how do we continue to engage employees and clients who are distracted by a multitude of options in how they choose to work, live and engage or not with the companies and people around them?

28 June 2018Read in full