Ayudar Consultants Ltd

Independent Telecommunication Consultants offering full management support to organisations of all sizes. We have audited the telcommunications bills for many of the most major retailers and the Government. We also design and manage large complex call centres across the world,

Formed in 1988, Ayudar provide Telecommunications Management Services for organisations of all sizes in the U.K. and Europe.

Clients supported by our 12  regional and european  consultants include NHS, GKN, Home Office, Hertz, Ladbrokes, Amgen. An dexample of our work with a major betting company is as follows:

In 2015 Ayudar conducted a global RFP to find a technology that could provide a fully omni-channel large scale contact centre solution, able to blend Voice, chat, email, SMS and Social media conversations. Following an extensive RFP process a vendor was selected. The decision to go live with the solution was gained from the board based upon significant efficiencies in operation that were identified.

In 2016 the solution was implemented, under the programme management of Ayudar, and within 18 months the operational cost of delivering Customer Services had been halved. Productivity was improved by 87%; Contact abandonment (previously very difficult to measure) was brought down to under 0.5%; Average Handling times (AHT) for contacts were further reduced through CTI and other process driven initiatives by 30-40%.

The project is now into it’s 6th year. In 2021 the team has already developed OCR solutions that read 4 Million images a year; there are Chat-bots that can handle 750 concurrent chats in 3 different languages; Customers are able have video conversations with Agents; 5 Social media platforms in 9 languages are handled by the contact centre; and agents are assisted in real time using AI that reads every conversation and provides assistance to the agent akin to the old Microsoft paperclip form back in the day. Ayudar remains at the forefront of the project, which is seen as a flagship operation for the vendor of the solution.

This engagement showcases that Ayudar is capable of understanding the needs of a customer to find the right solution for their needs. Ayudar can stay with the customer right through to the conclusion of any project, no matter how large or complex.

We alsom offer bill checking services, network design, facilities management, call management and training.


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