Wroot Water Limited

Wroot Water Limited was started 20 years ago when, as a medium size Potato Grower and following the drought in the mid 90’s we found ourselves subject to restrictions on our ability to irrigate, these restrictions led to us having to look at alternative methods of irrigation which enabled us to use water more efficiently. Many alternative irrigation systems appeared to apply water too fast thereby increasing run-off, resulting in soil erosion and also water logging. We looked at drip irrigation and decided to invest in a Drip Irrigation system. One problem encountered was that Drip Irrigation was in its infancy in the UK, it appeared to be very labour intensive and to use the system correctly would require a steep learning curve. Over the last 20 years we have developed a modular system that is used widely throughout the whole of the U.K. on drip irrigated potatoes and other field crops using both one year drip tape and multi season hard hose. We offer a full and comprehensive service to our customers with an initial meeting to discuss what crops are to be irrigated and most importantly the water source to be used. We thereby ensure that there is enough water to operate the system efficiently. We have found that the key to Efficient Irrigation is:- • Design • Planning • Correct equipment • Know your Crop requirements • Good management • Work with a company who are committed to both service and back-up At Wroot Water we have designed and manufactured Tape Laying machines to enable the easy installation of Drip Tape and Hard Hose, together with our Retrieval machines which allow efficient retrieval at the end of the growing season. We also design and supply solid set sprinklers for the irrigation of sandy soils and undulating ground.This is an overhead irrigation system that is very good at matching soil infiltration rate with irrigation water application rate, which is very important in all irrigation as you need to get the water into the root area where the crop used the water. We also specialise in water filtration and water pumping systems for irrigation and dirty water, We have developed a UV filtration system designed initially for the treatment of Brown Rot and which is now widely used for salad crops. In addition we offer a full Crop Soil Moisture Monitoring Service with Automated Data Loggers that show soil moisture and rainfall, however I would not recommend any grower to rely on these systems 100% as there is no substitute for “mud on your boots”. Our customer base has grown year on year and our Customers have seen increased profitability of the crops grown and have been able to secure the highest premiums. As a company we are able to offer many solutions and advice for a wide range of Customer requirements from automated drip, sprinkler and pumping systems and we are always looking for new technology to increase efficiency and productivity for the grower. We offer a full out of season service plan for all our customers where we are able to offer a collection service for filters and valves back to our Servicing Facility. We are then able to test, carry out any repairs and remedial work and ensure that the equipment is working correctly and deliver them back in readiness for the coming season and delivery.

Address: Wroot Water,Thatch Carr Farm, , Wroot, Doncaster
Postcode: DN9 2BL
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.wrootwater.com
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