Philips Research

Philips Research

Philips Research is one of the world's largest corporate research organizations. We develop new technologies and investigate potential growth areas for Philips. Our belief is that every innovation should start with an insight. To improve the quality of people's lives, we make a point of understanding what drives them, the dilemmas they face, and how we can help them in the best possible way.

Address: 101 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0FY
Country: United Kingdom
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Open innovation
This is often best carried out through partnerships. The days of innovating in isolation are over. No one company can be expected to know all the answers. That's why we regularly work together with a wide network of institutes, companies, universities and hospitals to jointly develop meaningful new breakthroughs.

Global demands
But it's not about progress at any cost. We apply our expertise to address growing global demands for greater energy efficiency and higher levels of sustainability in all aspects of new products and technologies.

Surprising innovations
This approach has enabled us to surprise people with breakthrough innovations for over 90 years, covering everything from lamps and radio to medical equipment, electric shavers, television and semiconductors.

Along the way we've been responsible for some real ground-breaking discoveries and standards like the Rotalix X-ray tube, the high-pressure mercury lamp, the triple-headed dry electric razor, the Compact Cassette, and more recent innovations like the Brilliance 40 slice CT scanner, CD, DVD, and Ambilight.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1914
  • One of the world’s largest corporate research organizations
  • Over 1,800 professionals
  • 50 nationalities
  • Created over 130,000 patents (total R&D)
  • More than 1 patent is filed per scientist per year
  • Laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Annual research budget slightly less than 1% of Philips' annual sales

Philips Research relocated its UK-based research activities to Cambridge in September 2008 to join one of the key global hubs of innovation & entrepreneurship.  Benefitting from open collaboration with a broad range of academic and commercial organisations in the ecosystem, the Cambridge lab is driving innovations in new applications in health and well being, with a specific focus on home healthcare. The Cambridge Lab will continue Philips Research strategy of close two-way collaborations with the Cambridge & UK research and development communities, and support the Cambridge ecosystem in tapping into Philips’ wider range of global research and development activities.

SAPHE Project Targets New Generation of Telecare Systems

Rapidly increasing numbers of chronically ill and elderly people will put tremendous pressure on existing healthcare systems. Philips has teamed up with academic and industrial partners in the Smart and Aware Pervasive Healthcare Environment (SAPHE) project in the United Kingdom.

Prostate Biomarker Research

Before the sequence was deciphered, information linking disease and genetics was rather limited. Now researchers are using this complex code to find biomarkers that detect cancer even before symptoms show up – great news for patients as treatment is most effective early in the disease.

Sybo Dijkstra, Senior Director, Philips Research UK

Founder views: Sybo Dijkstra, Senior Director, Philips Research UK

Everyone knows the Philips name, but few realise its Cambridge R&D operation is helping to transform healthcare in the UK and beyond. In the latest Cambridge Network Founder interview, Sybo Dijkstra, Senior Director at Philips Research UK, explains.

15 December 2015Read in full

Dr Hans Huiberts appointed as head of Philips Research Cambridge

Dr Hans Huiberts appointed as head of Philips Research Cambridge

Royal Philips Electronics announces the appointment of Dr. Hans Huiberts (pictured) as head of Philips Research, Cambridge. Hans joins the Cambridge-based Philips Research lab from Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

21 October 2009Read in full

Philips launches latest in advanced technology to help detect heart disease in women

Philips launches latest in advanced technology to help detect heart disease in women

Royal Philips Electronicsis to unveil its latest advance in heart disease detection, the PageWriter TC50 cardiograph, which uses gender-differentiated criteria to assist in the diagnosis of heart disease in women, where symptoms may be different from men.

1 September 2009Read in full

Philips seeks potential Corporate Gateway partners in clean tech, consumer lifestyle, ligh...

Philips Research, which opened a new facility at Cambridge Science Park last November, is actively seeking research partners and collaborators. As part of this quest, it is representing one of the world-leading companies taking part in this month’s unique partnering event, Cambridge Corporate Gateway.

13 March 2009Read in full

Philips leads European ‘SonoDrugs’ project to develop image-guided localised drug delivery...

Philips leads European ‘SonoDrugs’ project to develop image-guided localised drug delivery...

€15.9 million project will seek to maximise therapeutic efficiency and minimise side effects of treatments for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

29 January 2009Read in full

Philips Research celebrates moving to Cambridge

Philips Research celebrates moving to Cambridge

Philips Research celebrated its move to Cambridge to be part of the Science Park yesterday (Thurs).

7 November 2008Read in full

Prime Technology Ventures and Philips arrange for successful spin-out of five technology c...

Philips Corporate Technologies and Prime Technology Ventures (“PTV”), a leading independent pan-European venture capital firm headquartered in The Netherlands, have announced the completion of a successful spin-out of five technology ventures from Philips incubator venturing programme.

31 October 2008Read in full

Philips Electronics shows commitment to UK research with move to Cambridge

Royal Philips Electronics announces Philips Research UK will be relocating to Cambridge in autumn 2008. The move demonstrates Philips’ commitment to open innovation, providing further opportunities for joint venturing, partnering and collaboration.

19 March 2008Read in full

Pace agrees to acquire the set top box and connectivity solutions business of Royal Philip...

Pace Micro Technology plc, a leading digital TV technology company, today announces that it has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire the set-top box and connectivity solutions business (STB and CS business) of Royal Philips Electronics.

19 December 2007Read in full