The Helix Consultancy Ltd

We help businesses to grow and succeed by developing the potential of their people. We do this through management and leadership development, performance coaching, team development, and training. We work with organisations of all sizes across many sectors.

We can help you to:

  • Optimise the skills of your managers
  • Develop leaders
  • Maximise team performance
  • Improve employee motivation and commitment
  • Maximise staff retention
  • Solve work and management dilemmas
  • Achieve personal and business objectives

The Helix approach

  • We dig deep - to find out what you and your business really need
  • We know how to engage people in the learning process - and have fun
  • We're not afraid to challenge the status quo - we have a reputation for tenacity
  • We think on our feet - and will adapt and evolve a solution to ensure you get the best possible result
  • We will help you generate effective solutions, clear plans, and measurement of the outcomes
  • We stay with it - providing support and challenge to help you achieve those outcomes, and get the most benefit from our work together

Action Centred Leadership

Steve Read, Managing Director of the consultancy, is one of John Adair's small group of Adair Leadership Associates.  John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership model makes an excellent centrepiece for leadership development, and the Helix Consultancy can design and deliver programmes with full use of John’s intellectual property and materials that go way beyond the ‘public domain’ part of the Three Circles model.

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