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The Sweet Potato Consultancy specialises in tackling the challenges that leaders have with high turnover, sickness, grievances and poor engagement. We do this by focusing on the core of the problem - stress, mental health, wellbeing and engagement – and stopping the high cost currently paid by individuals and businesses.

We provide consultancy, run accredited online programmes for leaders and managers, and work with managers to “unstick” stuck teams so businesses and employees can really thrive.

Image removed. As Director of The Sweet Potato Consultancy Adelle Shaw-Flach brings her leadership in health and wellbeing to the workplace, helping business leaders tackle the cost from stress, poor motivation and people management.

Adelle uses her experience to deliver solutions to the burning issues that we have in the workplace, providing dedicated training for leaders so managers are fully equipped to deal with their teams’ mental health and wellbeing.

Products and services

i-act - Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Essential leadership skills in managing mental health

The unsettling times we are currently in have shown more than ever the importance of leadership, and the impact it has on employee mental health and wellbeing. Having leaders and managers who are skilled and confident in managing mental health and wellbeing is THE critical piece of the jigsaw in good leadership, and in getting good company results.

  • Do your managers need a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues, and to be able to recognise when colleagues may need further help and support?
  • Do your managers struggle to understand their role in supporting colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue?
  • Do your managers need greater confidence and skills to be able to significantly support employees with mental health and wellbeing issues?

Our research shows that 80% of HR professionals do not believe that their managers have the knowledge, skills or confidence required to support employees with their mental health and wellbeing. They also don’t know how to support their own mental health.

We also know that recent figures show that the levels of depression and anxiety have doubled since lockdown. This is having a massive impact on business and performance. 

Why the i-act Manager Package?

The i-act course is designed specifically for the role of the manager in managing people. It is accredited by the professional body the Royal College of Psychiatrists showing that the i-act meets their high standards. It empowers managers to have the resources and tools to deal with their people confidently.

The fantastic news is that the i-act can now be delivered entirely virtually.

Our research shows that after our training managers confidence in their knowledge and skills soared!

  • Before–almost 80% of Managers had No or Low levels of confidence in talking to employees about Mental Health
  • After--almost 90% had either Medium or High levels of confidence!

“Honestly - the most useful training I have had since becoming a manager!” LN


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