Innovador Consulting

Innovador Consulting

Offering consulting Services to organisations of all sizes though with a particular focus on scale-ups and "lab to leader" development: - Individual and team coaching and mentoring - Engineering development consultancy

Address: Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

About Innovador Consulting and Keith Clarke

Innovador Consulting was founded by Keith Clarke in October 2018 predominantly to provide coaching and development services to scaling businesses in and around the Cambridge, UK region.

Keith has spent over 30 years in the technology industry, starting as a chip designer, then joining Arm Limited in 1993 with fewer than 40 employees. As an engineer, he co-developed the ARM7TDMI processor used in the first GSM mobile phones by Nokia: the 3310 and beyond. Progressing to VP Engineering by 2003, Keith then had a series of VP level roles including Technical Marketing, Business Unit General Manager, Product Line Leadership and finally Operations, seeing Arm grow to over 5,000 people before leaving in September 2018.

Ethos and Methodology

Keith’s experience in Arm Limited taught him the importance of an innovative culture for any company that needs to grow or deal with change. The ingredients for creating the right culture are relatively well known, yet can be difficult to hold onto as an organisation grows. Coaching for performance along with development programmes, targeted training and workshops can be used to help people make lasting changes to their performance and improve company results.