LPA Group Plc

LPA Group Plc is a world leader in the design, build and supply of high reliability LED lighting, electrical connectors/connector systems, and high performance components. With its high quality, design for life philosophy, LPA provides cost-effective solutions to improve product reliability, reduce maintenance and minimise life cycle costs.

LPA is a market leading designer and manufacturer of high reliability LED lighting & electro-mechanical systems and a distributor of engineered components. It has a reputation for innovating cost-effective engineering solutions to improve product reliability, reduce maintenance and life cycle costs. LPA’s focus and expertise are in the rail, aviation, industrial, infrastructure and defence markets.

LPA has developed a successful export capability, most notably in Europe, Asia and Australia, and are exporting to over 50 countries.

LPA Channel Electric are a distributor of engineered components
LPA Connection Systems design and manufacture electro-mechanical systems and offer fabricated metal engineering services
LPA Lighting Systems design and manufacture LED lighting and electronic systems.

Products and services

LED Lighting Solutions

LPA design and manufacture high reliability LED lighting and electronics systems for rail and infrastructure markets.

LPA offers cost effective and energy efficient lighting solutions to improve product reliability, reduce maintenace and life cycle costs.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, LPA have developed a strong reputation for product innovation and offers a broad product range from 'drop in' replacement LED tubes to LED smart lighting systems.

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