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Excell is an award-winning communications solution provider and our role is to provide high quality, high speed and cost effective solutions to business clients. We are the largest exclusively business-to-business, end-to-end communications provider in the UK.

We started our business in 1992 and were initially a family-run business. From the beginning the focus was centred around listening and responding to the individual needs of each client. Our clients choose Excell for our proven ability to help unlock best value from their communications infrastructure. We ensure that technology is fitted around specific business needs to guarantee a return on investment.

We are able to offer businesses a complete communications package including voice, data and network solutions. We also own our own OFCOM regulated core network, it’s rugged, fast and secure and its built to support voice solutions as much as data.

We serve and support businesses of all types, from legacy systems that need a new lease of life to some of the fastest-growing hi-tech businesses who demand blisteringly fast connectivity in order to thrive.

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Products and services

Audio Visual Solutions - Audio

Background music 

Many people benefit from background music while they work. In an office environment it is important to create a communal system that gives the flexibility of music choice, an even spread of sound (so the person sitting next to the speaker isn’t blasted in to next week) and control.

Get the system right and the office becomes an inviting, homely place conducive to work.

Sound masking

Open plan office spaces are commonplace, yet the environment they create can have a negative as well as a positive impact – conversational distractions are a leading cause of workplace discomfort and lost productivity.

Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity and increased privacy and comfort.

Signal processing

The effectiveness of an audio deployment is not always about the type and cost of an amplifier or speakers; it is the ability to plan for and control the content played, in the environment it’s playing.

Digital processors are used to normalise outputs; controlling feedback, cancelling echo and shaping content so that it’s heard at its best – no longer will a quietly spoken person not be heard, followed by the resonant voice that follows, creating feedback.

Audio Visual Solutions - The Divisible Room

The Meeting Room has not been immune to change. Companies no longer have the luxury of creating spaces for occasional use. A Training Room used twice a month is simply too costly. The Divisible Room was born. User simplicity and flexibility are at the heart of our Boardroom propositions.
A Divisible Room is a multi-use space, used as a whole when the audience dictates, but partitioned in to smaller areas when the full area isn’t required. Think a 15m x 5m space where removable walls can make three 5m square rooms, or one 10m x 5m and a 5m square space – you get the idea.

Providing AV into these spaces is particularly challenging. In open configuration, displays and audio need to work for an audience that could be 15m away, but this setup wouldn’t work when dividing walls are in place – the screen would be too big, the speakers not required and above all, users of each room might want to run their own content simultaneously.

Of course this is manageable. City AV consult and provide an audio and visual solution that works in all scenarios.

Audio Visual Solutions - The Presentation Space

AV deployments need to be sensitive to the flexible needs of the space. Ninety percent of the time, as a breakout or meeting space, AV requirements will be simple; presentations, background music and terrestrial or satellite TV.

The remaining ten percent will be more impactful, further reaching and flexible.

Product launches and staff briefings will have a larger audience. On premise this will require audio and visual representations to be enhanced, repeated and amplified. Video wall, sound and content sharing technologies become front-of-stage.

In today’s connected world, audiences are likely to sit beyond the office walls too, branch offices, remote workers and an Internet presence may need to see content live. Capturing and distributing content, streaming it securely to partners is increasingly important.

Staff retention is so much more than an annual pay rise. Your team expect more than a desk when they head to the office; social spaces, break out zones are on the rise and are deemed as important as the work space itself. The Presentation Space is often used for a Friday wind-down area – think music and a relaxed beer with colleagues.

Audio Visual Solutions - The Boardroom

Boardroom users are often time-poor and as a result, demanding of the draws on their diary. Lost time setting up, or worse, time spent diagnosing issues, will be difficult for this audience to accept.

Also to consider, these areas are often the largest of all Meeting spaces, used for the traditional Board purposes, but also for staff, client and press briefings, video conferencing, and training to name a few. The ability to transition a room’s use, quickly and without technical input is paramount.

Aesthetics play a part too. Designers often use the Boardroom as a focal point for design flair, creating a rich environment of wall, floor and furniture finishes. Audio Visual equipment can add to this and we have experience of working alongside a wider, Design and Build process.

User simplicity and flexibility are at the heart of our Boardroom propositions:

Standard Boardroom

The definitive flexible Boardroom, fully featured, but with value in mind.

  • Present, collaborate, inspect and communicate with ease. Displays and audio matched accurately to the room’s capability, audiences and physical characteristics.
  • Larger, flexible rooms need more connectivity. In a Boardroom we allow for additional floors boxes or desk input points, wireless presentation and conferencing systems to share the same screen(s).
  • Managed with ease. AV systems automate the transition between presentation, conferencing and conferencing modes, amongst others.

Enhanced Boardroom

Enhancements to a Boardroom that conceal and enhance a standard technical delivery.

  • By moving Video Conferencing microphones to the ceiling, clutter and wires are removed from the meeting room table. This is one example of how AV equipment can be immersed in to the built environment, making the space more usable.
  • Concealment offers designers the ability to maximise the aesthetic appeal of the space. Many AV components can be hidden in ceiling voids and wall recesses when not in use, dropping down electronically when required as part of the room’s scene control.
  • Streaming, fast becoming a de facto standard when communicating to staff, press and customers. Adding this facility to Boardroom environments is easy.
Audio Visual Solutions - The Meeting room

The Meeting Room

Standard & Enhanced Meeting Rooms Designed to Work Seamlessly

A Meeting Room is quite simply an area reserved for discussion, collaboration and learning. These rooms vary in size, style and functionality, based upon their intended use and audience.

We have all been in meetings where I.T. spend the first 20-minutes getting the Projector cranked in to life, only to find the host’s Laptop hasn’t the right connector – hardly the right impression. Audio Visual (AV) is there to enhance a meeting experience, not take over or interrupt.

City AV understands offices; we understand AV and are experts at making AV work seamlessly, helping first impressions become a big welcome, rather than a huge apology.

To make it easier to understand the positive impact of professional AV, City AV have created Standard and Enhanced templates for a typical Meeting Room. These are not designed to replace a consultation process, where your needs are understood in detail, nor are they to be exhaustive – simply there to outline best practice.

Standard Meeting Room

Simple, but effective AV designed to enhance a meeting, but without being too complex or costly.

  • Screen or Projector optimised to match room size and type of content being displayed – nobody likes straining to see spreadsheets on a tiny screen.
  • Easy to manage, cable connections making it easy to share content.
  • Anyone can use the room – a simple button panel replaces a traditional remote control. Simple screen functions (on/off, volume and source select) replace complicated instructions and remote controls.

Enhanced Meeting Room

Enhancements take a functional AV space and add; wow factor, flexibility, an enhanced user experience and communication capabilities. Examples include;

  • Going beyond simple screen functions, AV control can be expanded to manage full scene settings. As well as turning the screens on, as before, AV system controls could automatically influence lighting, blinds, external amplifiers, etc.
  • Adding wow factor is easy; use a full colour touch panel to control the AV system, present wirelessly – no more wires running across the floor or perhaps add a cinema sound experience to your “customer presentation room”.
  • Allow the Enhanced Meeting room to communicate better. Talk to customers more efficiently using Video Conferencing, improve your Meeting spaces with a fully integrated Room Booking platform or globally manage AV using AV Asset Management tools.
Business Centre Solutions

We provide tailored IT solutions for tenants that are scalable and flexible. This enables businesses to move in quickly and allows them to be fully productive in a short time frame.

Excell have invested over £2m in the core network in order to offer a cost-effective, flexible and secure alternative to in-house solutions, operated by a professional team of voice, data and systems specialists. By establishing a full WAN with points of presence close to all premises, Excell have created a UK-wide communications footprint that delivers voice, data and cloud services into each serviced office.

We are able to offer a unique and scalable ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model, where tenants only pay for the connectivity they need, a critical benefit for smaller businesses. Wi-Fi speed and connectivity is key to the services we provide, access points are designed by Excell to co-operate rather than to compete. This means all our tenants receive effective broadband and there is no competition to win bandwidth or network channels.

Excell Wi-Fi as a Service enables users to logon to the Wi-Fi as soon as they arrive in a suitably-equipped building, with no hardware needed. To avoid the unwanted complications and expense of continually upgrading, upload and download speeds are steadied at more than 100Mb.

Voice Solutions

Avaya Phone Systems

Excell with Avaya deliver an engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device. The Avaya IP Office is simple enough to run on an appliance, powerful enough to support up to 2,000 users with virtualised software. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Exceptional value.

Billing Analysis

Understanding and controlling your costs is critical to the way your business performs. Excell’s unique web portal allows you to view your bill details including statistical analysis of your call usage. 

Call Centre Services

By working with Excell to install a tailor-made Contact/Call Centre and or associated CRM solution, you can streamline and better manage your available resources.

Call Recording

We combine intuitive call recording and monitoring solutions with powerful analytics tools to support improved decision making and quality management. 

Hosted telephony

This is a cloud-based voice service which is delivered over a business only, reliable and low latency network. The service is provided out of our highly secure data centres facility removing the need for our Voice clients to invest in racks and power in their communications room or data centre. The service is based on a monthly fee and huge cost savings can be achieved with Hosted Telephony by only deploying IP handsets to each site.


Our packages offer significant telephony savings compared to other providers, with a choice of call minutes packages and line types, including ISDN2 and ISDN30, to suit your exact requirements. Each ISDN package includes a generous allowance of call minutes, line rental, DDI number rental and inclusive features. And you’ll only pay for what you use, with no minimum spend and calls rounded down to the nearest second to help keep costs under control.

Mitel phone systems

It’s the pay-as-you-grow, cloud-based platform for all of your business communication needs. 


SIP Trunks allow your businesses to retain the advantages of your existing telecoms equipment, whilst gaining the additional functionality and benefits of IP Telephony. You can retain your existing handsets and have the flexibility to add remote or central IP users when needed. Excell’s SIP trunking connects existing client PBX, IP PBX or Key Telephone Systems to Excell’s resilient hosted SIP platform. Clients connect their PBX either directly or via a preconfigured SIP-ISDN gateway.

Video conferencing

Our unified video communications solutions bring conferencing to desktop and mobile users providing the face-to-face element necessary for successful business relationships. The mobile experience is as secure, reliable and rich as any on-site video experiences in a conference room.

Network Solutions

Business Internet

You’ll connect to our award-winning and accredited network which hosts thousands of managed Internet connections for UK businesses, so we’re unquestionably experienced and qualified to keep your business on-line.

Managed Wi-Fi

Excell helps simplify networking by reducing the cost and complexity of today’s networks with cloud-enabled Wi-Fi and routing solutions for company headquarters, branch offices and homeworkers. These solutions, based on Aerohive’s unique distributed intelligence architecture, include enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points and easy-to-deploy routers. Aerohive offerings are available to clients through trusted, authorised channel partners.

Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS technology gives your organisation the flexibility to apply an integrated approach to managing its data transport needs. You can ensure traffic that needs stable, reliable bandwidth, such as streaming video or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, receives the highest priority and routing on the network.

Networking Monitoring

We measure all of the services you buy from Excell and other providers and give you simple, clear business-level visibility of what’s happening. With Highlight you can access a vast range of reports that provide you with data you otherwise wouldn’t have visibility of. 

Our Network

Your business runs on information, so an effective data network is integral to your performance.
Our wholly owned private network was designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients, now and in the future. Utilising the latest technology, our network delivers everything your business needs.


We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of WAN/LAN solutions including integration, operation and ongoing management. We provide comprehensive services on a broad range of leading WAN/LAN technologies and products including routers, switches, hubs, DSU/CSUs, multiplexers, modems, firewalls, and more from a variety of best-in-class manufacturers.

Mobile Solutions


We offer a range of tariffs and handsets and can provide a complete data breakdown and call analysis function so you can track your calls and usage patterns. Clients will receive a 24-hour support service. 


Vodafone is the network recognised as the most consistently reliable in the UK and you’ll get outstanding coverage for calls, texts and mobile broadband.

Handsets & Hardware

Excell offer a large selection of mobile hardware, including mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, data devices, netbooks and all accessories.

International Roaming

Excell have a range of International and Roaming solutions to control your spend and your usage.

Mobile Insurance

This includes accidental damage, theft and the option of loss as standard as well as other additional benefits including; instant cover, 1 month free accessories cover and a no claims bonus.

Soti MobiControl (MDM)

MobiControl enables organisations to centrally manage, support, secure and track corporate-liable and employee-liable mobile devices, regardless of device type, mobile platform and location.

Unified Communications

UC is a presence-enabled communications and collaboration system featuring integrated IP telephony, instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing, providing a consistent, unified user quality of experience over any device, anywhere, anytime –whether fixed or mobile and through multimedia applications for a richer collaborative experience.

Telecommunications Expense Management

Mobile Manager is Excell’s unique web based asset and expense management portal that provides exceptional levels of cost recovery, tracking, analysis and control of telecom bills, hardware and employees

Data and Cloud Solutions


We provide colocation services at our London Data Centres allowing clients to manage their own hardware in our facility. Clients can take advantage of the reliability and quality of bandwidth speeds, better redundancy for the network connections and better outage protection all within a secure environment at a competitive price.


Excell’s Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) protects your business with a complete, hosted, end-to-end security and surveillance solution. By adopting a hosted video solution, all you need is Axis cameras and an internet connection.

Online back-up

With Online Backup from Excell you can protect your data with complete ease, whether you need to backup standard documents, complex databases or entire server configurations for disaster recovery measures. As an online solution that works for users both inside and outside the corporate IT network, it can be centrally controlled through the ‘Monitoring and Deployment Console’, allowing the network administrator to customise departmental file filtering and backup schedules, as well as manage and track individual account usage.

Wireless access points

Our wired and wireless LAN solutions deliver secure, mobility optimised, enterprise-class access to every site, from a large site or headquarters to remote branches and single hot-desking offices with consistent, predictable service, maximum security, and is optimised for application reliability.

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