Cambridge Medical Beauty Forum

Victoria College in association with the Dr Laser group is proud to invite you to the first Cambridge Medical Beauty Forum, for three days of talks and discussion on some of the major advancements and challenges faced by the aesthetic medicine and cosmetics industry.

Dates 28 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017 - This event is in the past.
Venue Hilton Cambridge City Centre, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DT
+44 1223 977 265

Event details:


The event will have an emphasis on the following topics:
•    Laser based therapies
•    Anti-ageing treatments
•    Biomaterials in aesthetic medicine

The Forum will feature speakers from around the world including leading researchers and practitioners.

Guest speakers include:

  • Prof. Stuart Nelson (Medical Director at the Beckman Laser Institute, University of California, US)
  • Prof. Xiang Zhang (Medical materials, Royal Society Industry Fellow, UK)
  • Dr Darren Mckeown (Aesthetic director at the Darren Mckeown Glasgow Botox Clinic, UK)
  • Dr Xianlong Qi (Skin disease treatment specialist, Head of Dr Laser Institute, Chongqing, China),
  • Dr Mukta Sachdev (Professor and Head of the Dept of Dermatology in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India)
  • Dr Surresh Rattan (Bioenterologist at the department of molecular biology and genetics in Aarhus university, Denmark)
  • Dr Guoyu Zhou  (Laser beauty specialist, 2nd Hospital of Shanghai, China)

Invited industrial specialists:

  • Mr Jacques Leclaire (scientific director, L’oreal)
  • José Ginestar (scientific director, Sisley)
  • Alain Mavon (skin research director, Oriflame Cosmetics)
  • Dr May Shana’a (Head of global R&D, Beiersdord/Nivea)

Lunch and Tea breaks will be provided at the venue.

Cost:       £499 per participant (registration before 30th August 2017)

 £999 per participant (registration after 30th August 2017)

Tel:        +44 1223 977 265


Organiser:  Prof. Xiang Cheng Zhang, Royal Society Industry Fellow, University of Cambridge