RiverRhee: Presentation Skills

RiverRhee: Presentation Skills

The course takes delegates through the design, preparation and delivery of presentations. It uses a framework that helps delegates to discover and develop their own authentic style, build their confidence, convey their message, and understand and adapt to their audience. It addresses both the emotional and intellectual aspects of presentations.

Dates 13 Nov 2018 - Download as vCalendar
Opening times 9:00 - 17:00
Venue Melbourn Community Hub
Organiser name Elisabeth Goodman
07876 130 817

Event details:


Presentation Skills is a workshop aimed at anyone expected to deliver presentations in the Life Science sector.  Potential participants could be line managers, project managers, or individual contributors.


One day


At the end of the workshop, participants will have: -

  • Strategies to enable them to present confidently and effectively.
  • A framework for the design, preparation and delivery of presentations. 
  • Guidelines for planning for what they want to communicate and achieve, developing the content, understanding the audience


The course covers not only the content and key messages of the presentation, but other important areas such as the presenter’s style and confidence, and tailoring the presentation to the audience and to their expectations.

There are short presentations to cover key principles and approaches, together with interactive discussion and opportunities to practise what the participants are learning.

In-house versions of the course can include an option for filming the delegates for more in-depth insights on their presentation styles, their strengths, and the opportunities for improvement, and/or a more detailed exploration of the different ways to present scientific data.

The course includes:

  1. Design - Understanding the audience and how best to deliver information in a way that will be interesting as well as useful – the communication medium, the best structure, sequence and flow to achieve objectives and successfully convey information. 

  2. Preparation - for example: anticipating the venue and what equipment will be available, who will be there and how to prepare individually for giving the presentation. (This last overlaps with 3. Delivery.)
  3. Delivery - Gaining the assurance to present confidently using good practices such as rehearsal and notes, attention to timing. Developing participants’ own style for delivering presentations confidently and effectively.

Availability and cost

Participants can join one of the open programmes, or alternatively, the course can be delivered in-house.

Please get in touch with the training provider at info@riverrhee.com, tel +44 (0) 7876 130 817.

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