Born or Made? Research Presentation

Born or Made? Research Presentation

Katy Tuncer will lead an interactive leadership development session for Cambridge Angels portfolio companies on 14th November at Peterhouse College. *exclusively for Cambridge Angels members and portfolio companies*

Dates 14 Nov 2018 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 14th November
Venue Peterhouse College.
Organiser name Katy Tuncer

Event details:

Katy Tuncer is a coach working with senior leaders both sides of the deal. Her clients include the Cambridge Angel Board; individual and VC members; and many of our portfolio companies. She is a Cambridge graduate herself, an entrepreneur, and former McKinsey consultant. 

On 14th, she will present new research findings from her Horizon37 research group's examination of: What aspects of the leadership of the founder during scale-up phase impact most strongly on the successful exit, or ultimate failure, of the business? This "Born or Made" research analyses input from entrepreneurs, Angel groups, VCs, academics and service providers. It will be completed by the end of October, so hot off the press! 
Katy will then facilitate an action-oriented discussion, during which participants will identify personal opportunities for improving their leadership performance and that of their teams.
We encourage our portfolio companies to take part in the research, especially if you plan to attend this event. You can complete the 10-minute Horizon37 Born or Made research survey at this link.  

Leadership coaching and consulting services for high-performing senior business leaders facing, or causing, something new.

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