Performance Reviews and Appraisals (Performance Management and Development)

Performance Reviews and Appraisals (Performance Management and Development)

This half-day course is for supervisors and line managers who are relatively new to this topic. They will learn about the processes involved and develop their skills to effectively guide and support their direct reports in their performance management and development.

Dates 15 Jan 2019 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 13:00 - 16:30
Venue Chesterford Research Park
Organiser name Elisabeth Goodman

Event details:


Team leaders, supervisors and managers in scientific and non-scientific disciplines in the Life Sciences sector


Half day


Performance review and appraisal processes are a two-way activity: the individual takes personal ownership for their performance development plan, and the team leader, supervisor or manager acts as a coach to guide and support the individual through it. 

Successful management of performance requires a clear direction for the team involved, documented roles and responsibilities and well-defined and measurable objectives.  It also requires some softer ‘people’ skills.

This course provides an opportunity for team leaders, supervisors or managers who are relatively new to conducting performance reviews to learn about the processes involved, to identify opportunities to improve their own organisation’s processes and to develop their skills in effectively guiding and supporting their direct reports.


  • Why have a performance review process
  • Key principles, steps and documentation for effective performance reviews and appraisals
    • Comparison and discussion of alternative schemes
  • Setting and monitoring SMART objectives
  • Managing the performance appraisal discussion
    • Communication, coaching and associated skills
    • How to address the different scenarios that might be encountered with direct reports
  • Options available for developing your direct reports
  • Participants’ next steps for applying what they have learned

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