Cancers and the tumour microenvironment

Cancers and the tumour microenvironment

Prof. Frances Balkwill, Queen Mary University of London: The importance of understanding and 'reprogramming' the tumour microenvironment

Dates 18 Feb 2019 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 1930 to 2100
Venue The Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, Storey's Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

Event details:

Every cancer is a complex microenvironment of malignant cells supported by a wide variety of ‘normal’ cells that are recruited, and often corrupted’ by the malignant cells to help the cancer grow and spread. There are ‘exhausted’ immune cells, over-active fibroblasts and tortuous leaky blood vessels often supported by a stiff and abnormal fibrous mesh. Understanding and ‘reprogramming’ this microenvironment can restrict vital supplies to the cancer and re-awaken the immune cells to recognise and destroy malignant cells.


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