AR/VR Applications in the Brain Injury Care Pathway

AR/VR Applications in the Brain Injury Care Pathway

A joint event between CW and the NIHR Brain Injury MIC which explores Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for the prevention and treatment of brain injuries.

Dates 4 Apr 2019 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 09:30 - 15:30
Venue Institute of Continuing Education, High Street, Madingley, Cambridge CB23 8AQ
Organiser name Rachel Kerr

Event details:

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A joint event between CW and the NIHR Brain Injury MIC*

Augmented and Virtual Reality applications are increasingly proposed for the prevention and treatment of brain injuries. At a time when technology is rapidly evolving, this event will bring together leading clinical experts to define areas of unmet needs and potential applications of the technology. It will also provide an opportunity for commercial providers and clinical teams to showcase their technologies and on-going applications.

The event will be supported by members of patient advisory groups as well as key personnel from grant funding and investing organisations who will provide critical advice on proposed products and applications. The event is designed to encourage networking and future collaborations as well as provide for supportive exhibits of products.

Nb: The NIHR MedTech Co-operative is interested in technologies that can be applicable to brain injury patients, so is not limited by condition.

The NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative provides a “go-to” centre of expertise for understanding the Acquired or Traumatic Brain injury care pathway and for the development of medical technologies to support prevention and improving patient outcomes.

The NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative aims to:

  • Find: Identify areas of unmet need throughout the brain injury pathways that might be amenable of a technology-based innovation.
  • Facilitate: Promote the generation of innovative solutions through the facilitation of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between the NHS, academia, industry and public organisations.
  • Foster: Support the translational pathway of viable solutions from initial concept to successful market adoption and sustainable clinical impact.

The NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative is one of the eleven MedTech Co-operative and In Vitro Diagnostic (MICs) funded by the NIHR across the country. The MICs facilitate collaboration with patients, carers, NHS, charities, academia, inventors, SMEs, business angels and medtech companies. The MICs catalyse innovation in clinical areas of unmet needs for NHS patients and is committed to develop new concepts, demonstrate proof of principle and devise re- search protocols for medical devices, healthcare technologies and technology- dependent interventions.

The NIHR Brain Injury MIC will build on the significant achievement of the NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC), 2013-2018. The MICs are here to support SMEs/start-up to access the wider NIHR, get in touch directly to find out more.

Twitter: @NIHRBrainMIC  

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*As this is a collaborative event, your registration data will be shared with NIHR purely for the purpose of event logistics. View NIHR privacy policy.

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