Industrial Showcase on Electrical Properties of Functional Molecules

The aim of this free showcase is to inform and enthuse the audience about the prospects of future technologies based on devices with functional molecules. Speakers include Evonetix, Oxford Nanopore Technololgies and The showcase is sponsored by the EPSRC Programme Grant QuEEN, which is all about how electricity flows through a single molecule.

Dates Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 09:30 to 13:30
Venue Selwyn College, Cambridge CB3 9DQ
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Remarkable progress is being made in making devices with functional molecules, and thereby demonstrating their remarkable electrical properties. Unlike previous bouts of molecular electronics fever, where expectations exceeded what could be demonstrated, conditions are now excellent for understanding how quantum phenomena can control how electricity flows through individual molecules and for harnessing such effects for practical applications such as thermoelectric generation. This Industrial Showcase will include leading technologists in gene sequencing and synthesis, and machine learning for decision making in complex problems. The presentations and panel discussion will be followed by a poster session over a buffet lunch, at which there will be opportunities to learn about cutting edge results and discuss specific collaborations and opportunities for industrial engagement.

The showcase is a satellite event of the Molecular-Scale Thermoelectricity (MoST-M3) workshop on functional thermoelectric devices formed by single molecules or self-assembled monolayers (

The industrial event is sponsored by the EPSRC Programme Grant QuEEN (

Attendance at the Industrial Showcase is free, but you should register as soon as possible because places are limited. Please tick the appropriate box in the registration form




Introduction by Dr Tim Cook (formerly of Oxford Innovation and Co-Director for User Engagement of Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT))


Dr Tim Brears (CEO of Evonetix)


Professor Michel Calame (Head of Laboratory for Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces, Empa, Switzerland)


Dr Jason Hyde (Senior Director of Chip Research, Oxford Nanopore Technologies)


Vishal Chatrath (CEO of


Round-table discussion


Poster session with buffet lunch


The draft of programme is also available at

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