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Central Glasgow
3 December 2019 to 5 December 2019

Belbin Accreditation is recommended for anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles to improve the performance of teams, and maximise working relationships. By attending the Accreditation course, you will discover the real Belbin – and gain the depth of knowledge and practical tools to work as a true Belbin expert.

Eagle Labs, 7-8 Clifton Court, Cambridge CB1 7BN
3 December 2019

Any review of essential management skills always puts effective communication close to the top of the list. Yet poor communication is at the root of many problems. This workshop will help managers understand their own communication style, the essentials of good communication and develop their confidence to communicate effectively.

3 December 2019

Join our webinar on Tuesday 3rd December, where Organisational Behaviourist Hilary McLellan will provide the most up to date research and guidance of how to embed psychological safety in the workplace to create an organisational culture of openness.

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge
3 December 2019

Get into the festive spirit, and start with our Christmas Special on the 3rd of December, at Lucy Cavendish College, between 8 and 10pm!

The Open University, Milton Keynes
2 December 2019 to 3 December 2019

If you have difficult and complex samples, join this training course to explore improving the resolution of your work through two-dimensional gas chromatography.

Founder, Karen Roem, in front of the training venue
Sun House, 23 Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge CB1 7PH
2 December 2019

This course is highly recommended for existing users of MS Word, who need to be able to create more complex documents.

Education & Conference Centre, Arthur Rank Hospice, Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge CB22 3FB
2 December 2019

Supporting your patient’s faith and beliefs at end of life helps to make a more dignified experience.

Business & IP Centre 3rd Floor, Cambridge Central Library 7 Lion Yard Cambridge CB2 3QD
2 December 2019

Measuring return on investment (ROI) can show you what's working and what’s not, and how you can add value to your business.

The Cambridge Building, Babraham Research Campus
2 December 2019

Join Form the Future’s Annual Conference 2019, focused on the theme: ‘Inequality is bad for business and companies have a role to play in creating a fairer society’

Cherry Hinton Baptist Church Building, on the Corner of Fisher's Lane and the High Street in Cherry Hinton
30 November 2019

Robin Thomson (author of the forthcoming autobiographical and reflective book with that title)