Barclays AI Frenzy - Keynote with Dr Rick Sax - The Implementation of AI in Pharma and Biomedicine

Join us for another Barclays AI Frenzy - this time we will be looking at the implementation of AI in Pharma and Biomedicine.

Dates Thursday, October 10, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 17:30 to 20:30
Venue Barclays Eagle Labs, 28 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 3AZ
Contact Name Eagle Labs
Contact Phone 07768757004
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Event details:


The applications of AI in Pharma and Biomedicine is moving at pace and building momentum. With today's high standards of care, it is becoming a real challenge for Pharma to improve even further. Many companies are now looking towards better innovation to improve the treatment and solutions for chronic diseases. 
This is where AI can help the Pharma industry to be more efficient with automated processes, data driven decisions and predictive analytic tools which are needed to increase the success of R&D in new drug discovery.  The advancement in computational power coupled with big data will be the next big advantage for the Pharma industry. 
We invite you to join us for an evening dedicated to showcasing, discussing some of the issues with the latest advancements in AI, hear from a leading expert and have the opportunity to learn more about the implementation of AI in Pharma and Biomedicine.
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17:30 - Arrival and drinks reception
18:00 - Dr Rick Sax, CEO of Pharma Design Solutions
18:45 - Q&A
19:00 - Networking and food
20:30 - Close of event

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