Belbin Accreditation - Cambridge - January 2020

Belbin Accreditation is recommended for anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles to improve the performance of teams, and maximise working relationships. By attending the Accreditation course, you will discover the real Belbin – and gain the depth of knowledge and practical tools to work as a true Belbin expert.

Dates Saturday, December 28, 2019 to Monday, December 30, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Venue The Moller Centre, Cambridge
Contact Name Jill Cooper
Contact Phone 01223 264975
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Event details:

Why should I become Belbin Accredited?

Discover the real Belbin

You will find that there is more to Belbin than just nine Team Roles – strengths, allowable/non-allowable weaknesses of each Role are explored in-depth, along with combinations of Team Roles, observer feedback, team overviews and job analysis.

Speak the language

The language of Team Roles will become second nature to you over the duration of the course, providing a useful basis to discuss possible team and individual issues.

Plan your workshops

We will give you practical ideas on how to use the reports and theory within a variety of workshops and situations, and how to interpret the reports for 1:1 and team feedback.

Share your knowledge

Your newly acquired depth of knowledge and understanding will hold you in good stead when fielding questions from the more demanding course delegate!

Ongoing backup

Once Accredited you’re not alone! If you have any questions regarding the reports – perhaps some advice on how to feedback a particularly interesting profile – or to get some top tips for session ideas, you are encouraged to call the Belbin office. We are here to help.

Further benefits include:

  • A signed certificate from Meredith Belbin on passing the Accreditation test
  • Use of the Belbin Accredited Logo (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Access to the Belbin Accredited website; full of resources, offers, advice and a shop!

Course Outline

  • The origin, theory and definition of the nine Belbin Team Roles
  • The relationships between the Belbin Team Roles
  • How to generate and understand the key Belbin Team Role reports
  • How to interpret and analyse Belbin Team Role reports (using your own reports if possible)
  • Uses to which Belbin Team Roles can be applied, e.g. teambuilding, personal and organisational development, coaching, recruitment, training needs and job analysis
  • Practical exercises on giving feedback to individuals and teams
  • Use of case studies to show how to use the model to improve individual and team effectiveness
  • We will tailor aspects of the course to your particular needs and can use presentations, discussion, DVDs, practical exercises and games to facilitate learning.
  • There is an Accreditation Test (this is a written test which takes about 40 minutes)

The course culminates in a 40-minute test. On passing the test, you will be awarded a certificate signed by your trainer and Dr Meredith Belbin, and access to a logo that shows that you are Belbin Accredited. The Accreditation stays with YOU, so it is a real investment in your future.

I would like to be Belbin Accredited – what now?

Contact Jill, our training manager, on 01223 264975 or email
We look forward to discussing your needs, and setting you on the path of becoming a Belbin expert!

Belbin helps individuals, managers and teams understand themselves and each other - and how they can best work together.