Business Briefing Webinar: Remaking Capitalism From The Inside Out

Part of a guest lecture series organised by Executive Education. Businesses have a big role to play in a capitalist society. They can tip the scales toward the benefit of the few, with toxic side effects for all; or they can guide us toward better, more equitable long-term solutions.

In this webinar, Professor Christopher Marquis tells the story of the rise of a new corporate form—the B Corporation and why it is relevant for all businesses. Founded by a group of friends who met at Stanford, these companies undergo a rigorous certification process, and commit to putting social benefits, the rights of workers, community impact, and environmental stewardship on equal footing with financial shareholders. What’s more, the different business processes and standards developed by this movement can help all companies deliver value to all stakeholders.

Informed by over a decade of research and animated by interviews with leading companies around the world, Marquis’s multiple award winning book on the topic, Better Business shows the path any business can take to a more equitable capitalism that maximizes value for society, not just shareholders.

Join us on 18 May to learn how business leaders, employees, shareholders, and consumers wrestle with the complex issues of racial and social justice, COVID-19 recovery, and climate change. The time has come for a new kind of corporation that addresses the next generation of consumer values.


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