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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Charles Babbage Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0AS
6 November 2019

Cambridge Network’s business lecture series starts again this Autumn with a talk by Prof Nigel Slater from the Department for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. This multidisciplinary department works at the interfaces between engineering, chemistry, biology and physics forming collaborations which one day will have a beneficial effect on society.

Hauser Forum The Entrepreneurship Centre Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0GT
14 November 2019

Well-designed workspaces not only provide excellent marketing opportunities and first impressions but can also significantly enhance the workplace experience. This talk will explore how great interior design can help form a clear corporate Identity, strengthen group dynamics and attract & retain productive, valued staff.

Hauser Forum 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0GT
22 October 2019

Join neuroscientist and globally recognized brain-based leadership expert Dan Radecki PhD from the Academy of Brain-based Leadership as he explores Psychological Safety - what it is, why it is important, and a practical approach to building it in ourselves and others.

Hauser Forum 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0GT
7 November 2019

This mini workshop session will provide an introduction to dealing with emotions at work, help you to identify possible underlying factors and enable you to cope better at work and at home.

Maxwell Centre University of Cambridge Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0HE
7 November 2019

David Fairen-Jimenez, a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Dept of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, will be this term’s speaker, talking about molecular engineering of porous materials and their possible applications in clean energy and drug delivery systems.

Postdoc Centre @ Eddington Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 1AS
26 November 2019

If you are a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, make sure that you put this date in the diary!

The Cambridge Network Recruitment Event will be held at the PostDoc Centre, Eddington, Cambridge CB3 1AS on Tuesday the 26th November 2019, from 6pm - 9pm

Hauser Forum 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0GT
5 December 2019

Branding exists in how a company or organisation is perceived by its customers. But what do you do if you have to rebrand?