Cambridge Network Events

8 December 2020

This webinar is intended for anyone who is turning a technical idea into a product, or pivoting their business. If you are a CEO, a product manager, working in marketing or a technical person aiming to move into a commercial role you should find this talk helpful. Our speaker, Prof Annie Brooking, will share a 20 step process to ensure that your Minimum Viable Product has been well defined.

15 December 2020

Come and join us for an evening of beer tasting and a virtual tour of BrewBoard's Harston Micro Brewery. You'll gain an understanding of the craft beer making process and take part in an interactive tasting session involving six different beers which can be purchased beforehand.

Online, via zoom
17 December 2020

Colour obtained through structure, namely structural colour, is widespread in the animal and plant kingdom. In this webinar Professor Silvia Vignolini from the University of Cambridge will review recent advances to fabricate bio-mimetic photonic structures, including sustainable pigments and boosting the efficiency of bio-photoreactors.

14 January 2021

For many people, our places of work changed radically in 2020. But how will we work effectively in the future? Will we be back in the office, prefer to be at home or have a hybrid arrangement? How will employers manage these changes in working habits, if agreed permanently? Share your thoughts, hear from different perspectives and learn some tips to help you to start your 2021 in the right place, wherever you may be.

29 January 2021

Whether you're a current member, or are interested in joining the Network, and you'd like to learn more about what we can offer, join us at this informal online seminar on Friday 29th January.