Cambridgeshire Development Forum: Design Forum

Please join the Cambridgeshire Development Forum’s first Design Forum.

Dates Friday, May 17, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Venue Downing College, Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DQ
Contact Phone 01223 208 655

Event details:

Cambridgeshire Development Forum has gathered a group of leading experts in the industry to deliver their views on how good design can help build successful communities and settlements which are not only a joy to live in but also enhance the environment. Cambridgeshire is a national asset and an example for many.

Guest speakers include Sue Morgan from the Design Council and Frazer Osment from LDA Design who will use a case study to show us the challenges we face in retaining design integrity whilst delivering an environmentally sound development.

Our audience of CDF experts will then come together for a workshop which will attempt to answer the practical questions: 

  • What do buyers want?
  • Can we accommodate diversity, custom build and self-build?
  • Can we speed up the design of new communities and stop over-prescription?
  • Can a vision and key principles replace detail and uniformity?

This workshop will seek to shape practical solutions for planners and developers to put into effect in the new communities planned for the region. 

In our view, it is a must for the development community, the town planners, the designers, the policy-makers and the architects in our region. 

Please do not miss this opportunity to join us. 

 Cambridgeshire Development Forum

The Forum brings together those with development and landowning interest in the Cambridge region, in order to provide a clear, consistent and well-informed voice, providing leadership and advice on issues relating to the delivery of growth and development potential in the Cambridge region.

Our objectives are to:

  • Offer information and views to planning authorities and to the Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Become a focus for developers’ input to the Cambridge City Deal
  • Provide practical information regarding the constraints on development delivery and to pursue practical action to seek resolutions
  • Give high-level strategic advice in support of those giving leadership to strategic development planning.
  • Identify issues with the delivery of planning, infrastructure and transportation to the region from a practical perspective. 
  • To make practical suggestions to the various stakeholders that can result in improvements in the level of service and timescales.