Control of patient information in the COVID-19 era

Following the release of the PHG Foundation's in-depth report on the Control of Patient Information (COPI) notice extensions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be discussing the key findings.

The new report, released on 30 November, considers how regulatory changes to the governance of patient information have impacted genomic and medical research, and whether these changes should be integrated into the regulatory framework longer-term.

An interactive panel of experts will react to the findings, and add their own valuable insights. They include:

  • Professor Anneke Lucassen, Director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine at the University of Oxford
  • David Seymour, Executive Director of the UK Health Data Research Alliance at HDR UK
  • Jacob Lant, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Healthwatch England
  • Alison Hall, Senior Advisor (Humanities), PHG Foundation

Chaired by the PHG Foundation, attendance is free.

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