Create your own financial plan ahead of the tax year-end [Webinar]

With 73% of us stating that sorting out our finances is a top priority for 2022, now could be a great time to review your finances ahead of the upcoming tax year-end. Join Cambridge Network and Schroders Personal Wealth to help to learn some top tips to maximise the end of the tax year.

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Throughout this 45 minute session MarkDarren and Maria from Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) will cover:


  • Top tips to maximise the tax year-end
  • The importance of ISAs, pensions and other annual allowances when planning
  • How to create your own personal financial plan
  • Further support available (for you and your organisation!)


This session is educational and will provide you with some key considerations and practical takeaways which aim to help you feel more confident in your finances. 


You may also want to read this article by Schroders' Personal Wealth: Financial wellbeing, what you need to know'.


If you’re ready to speak to an adviser or want to ask specific questions relating to your personal financial circumstances, SPW offer a free financial health check which can be booked in via their dedicated microsite.

To attend:

The session will take place at 11am - 11.45am on Thursday 24th February. Please sign up to take part! Participants will be sent a link to join via Zoom prior to the start time.

Members: Any Cambridge Network member may attend free of charge (check for full membership in our Directory). Click on Book Now, then click the login link on the next page to receive your member discount. Alternatively, email

Non-members: Non-members may also attend this session at a fee of £10+VAT. You may wish to join as a member from £50+VAT and come along to many other events for free or at member rates!


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