CW TEC 2022: Launching the New Wave of Wireless Networks

The CW Technology and Engineering Conference 2022 will look at the technology and challenges behind the transformation of wireless networks and what the future holds.

Global wireless telecommunications are continuing to evolve rapidly with the introduction of virtualisation, 5G, IoT and low-earth orbit broadband networks. The COVID pandemic has shown how critical the telecommunications industry is to society – for example, the crisis situations in Tonga and Ukraine highlight the fundamental role that wireless plays in understanding and interacting with the world.

Novel wireless networks are seeing a new wave of technology investment, from satellites to airborne networks, allowing new services to be provided around the world. With an engineering focus, CW TEC will look at the technology and challenges behind this transformation and what the future holds, focussing on:

  • How to build hybrid networks that scale globally and provide integrated services which are seamless for the user. Explore hybrid and multi-bearer, radio and optical network architectures and applications.
  • Enhancing ground networks using non-traditional radio and optical access technologies and backhaul.
  • Can wide area mobile communications be delivered from aircraft?
  • How can radio and optical wireless networks support uncrewed aircraft systems and advanced air mobility?
  • Space as a rapidly evolving global communications infrastructure enabling massively scalable business cases for IoT and broadband users.

The conference will be an ideal place to explore and discuss these issues and hear from key players involved in changing how wireless communications is delivered and used.

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