FROG Software Training: PowerPoint for Beginners

Intended for beginners wishing to learn the basics of PowerPoint to produce and present a slideshow incorporating text and graphical elements. We provide professional and enthusiastic training.

Dates Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 09:30 to 16:30
Venue Microsoft Teams
Contact Name Rachel Crew
Contact Phone 01223841848
Website Event website

Event details:

A knowledge of Windows, Excel and Word is useful.

The aim of this course is to have the participant "up and running" immediately following a programme based upon their existing skills and future needs.  At the end of the course you will be able to produce and present a slideshow incorporating text and graphical elements.

  • The PowerPoint Screen
  • Different Views
  • Create Slides
    • Slide Layout Task Pane
    • Create slides in normal view
    • Bulleted/Numbered lists
    • Change the bullet style
    • Change tabs & fonts
    • Symbols
    • Headers & Footers
    • Save a presentation
  • Edit a Presentation
    • Spell check
    • Selecting Slides
    • Delete slides
    • Duplicate slides
    • Copy/Move slides
    • Promote & Demote text
    • Change order of slides using Slide Sorter view
  • Print Slides
    • Print Preview
    • Print slides & handouts
    • Print options explained
  • Themes
    • Applying a Theme
  • Slide Master
    • Editing a slide master
  • Handouts
    • Create handouts
  • Inserting Shapes
    • Text Boxes
    • Create objects
    • Select objects
    • Move objects
    • Resize objects
    • Edit objects
    • Change fill colour
    • Change fill pattern
    • Change line styles
    • Add shadows
    • Rotate objects
    • Group/Ungroup objects
  • Clip Art/Pictures
    • Add Clip Art/Pictures to a slide
    • Scale & size
  • Create Tables
  • Organisational Charts /SmartArt
    • Create & edit an organisational chart
  • Charts/Graphs
    • Create & edit a graph
  • WordArt
    • Create & edit WordArt
  • Move Slides between Presentations
    • Re-use Slides
  • Create a Slide Show
    • Use slide transitions
    • Add animation to bulleted text
    • Animation Pane
    • Present the slide show
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Using Help

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