Global Engineers: Working Across Cultures

Global Engineers: Working Across Cultures

Innovation is driven by diversity and working across cultures in engineering has now become the norm in the UK and around the world.

Dates 11 Jul 2017 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 09.30-13.30
Venue Language Unit, Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ
01223 332 620

Event details:

Global Engineers: Working Across Cultures

Being able to work efficiently in multinational teams requires far more preparation than just speaking the same language. Here at the Language Unit, we know that our engineering students need more than acquiring foreign language skills: that is why we provide them with intercultural training. We believe that intercultural competence will enable them to work collaboratively while studying in Cambridge, and will also help them immensely in their future career – whether working in the UK or abroad.

This free event is a chance for engineering companies in and around Cambridge to meet us and experience how we equip our students in intercultural competence.

We would like to invite all engineers, native and non-native speakers of English, to meet and exchange experiences about working across cultures, and learn more about developing cultural competence.

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