Hardware & Software for Digital Labs

Digital Labs represent a paradigm shift for research organisations. It implies radical transformation of infrastructure and significant changes in the skills required from academics, researchers and the support staff. But today even some basic challenges, such as data standards and standards for communication between instruments are not yet resolved.

In this meeting we will present a number of advanced options and have an open discussion on the path towards future fully digital labs.

​Programme (British Summer Time zone)

​8:30 Registration Open

9:30 Opening / Meeting Start

​Topics and Confirmed Presenters (this list is being updated regularly, timing - to be confirmed)

  • ​Robert Lee, Head of Solutions Architecture, Lightning AI: "Deploy, Integrate and Develop with Lightning AI"
  • DeepMatter: Cloud lab solution

  • Dr Nicholas Jose, Accelerated Materials Ltd: "Flab - fast flexible and fun coding platform for democratizing AI-accelerated labs"

  • Vapourtec Ltd

  • SPT Labtech

  • Alexei Lapkin, Chemical Data Intelligence (CDI) Pte Ltd: "Synthesis design and process optimisation using graph-based tools"

  • University of Cambridge: Knowledge Graph architecture for digital R&D

​17:00 Close of Event. Optional Networking / Refreshments till 18:00

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