How to Build a Super-Resilient Organisation

How to Build a Super-Resilient Organisation is designed to help you create an organisation fit for an unknowable future.

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This online programme will help you to befriend disruption and thus grow stronger by increasing adversity and equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to future-proof your organisation.

The rules of the industrial era are no longer valid and the business model that has sustained them in the past is increasingly redundant as we transition to the so-called digital age.

The disruptive forces at play extend beyond digital and biological threats. Embracing the technological advances of the 4th Industrial Revolution is not enough to create a platform from which to thrive.

The super-resilient organisation is one that is data-driven, situationally aware and to a large extent operates on its wits. A super-resilient organisation not only endures and recovers from hardship but capitalises on it.

Key features

  • For now and the future – This is a programme that will help you face current challenges and prepare for future ones; in a disrupted world, the only way forward is learning to be resilient to future-shocks.
  • Relevant – All organisations can benefit from increasing their capacity to capitalise on an increasingly unpredictable future.
  • Mind-moving – You will develop a new strategic approach and a refined sense of appreciation of risk management.
  • Practical application of learning – At The Møller Institute, we go beyond just learning and understanding. You will have the opportunity to explore how to apply this knowledge to your world.
  • Fully online and interactive – This is a virtual programme with both live and self-paced elements. As part of a learning cohort, you can learn from your peers whilst expanding your network of valuable contacts.

Learning outcome

By the end of the programme you will:

  • recognise that we are not simply entering a new economic cycle, but are experiencing a profound shift in business and society;
  • understand the new rules of the post-industrial era;
  • develop knowledge of the ways in which leadership, talent management, culture and risk are changing;
  • have a deep understanding of the link between people and innovation and the associated role of technology in this respect; and
  • be in a position to develop your own organisational transformation roadmap.


All of our programmes are reviewed and approved by The Møller Institute’s Education Standards Committee. The committee examine context, relevance, design, content, structure and delivery methodology together with the appropriateness of faculty and scope to engage delegates to embed the learning to create real impact.

The Møller Institute is also an approved provider of Executive Education meeting the standards set by the University of Cambridge Board of Executive and Professional Education.

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