How to excel in sales with a champion's mindset

The right mindset for managers, team leaders and client-facing sales teams, and how to manage the external drivers which influence your mindset and performance.

Dates Friday, October 2, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 15:00
Contact Name Helena Persion
Contact Phone 07475708455
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Event details:

What our customers say about the course? Helena’s Champion’s Mindset course is designed for business leaders who wish to discover the full range of their abilities and operate with greater energy and higher awareness. It empowers you be yourself, immune from internal and external influences, removing barriers that can prevent you from reaching your true potential. Helena’s innovative course is drawn from scientific sources and proven methodologies that she has spent 30 years researching. It is explained enthusiastically and engagingly in a single session using her IPD (Intellectual Potential Development) methodology. It is not just theory, as Helena explains the processes that you need to follow to be at peace with yourself and operate at your best. The Champion’s Mindset course teaches you how to live life on your own terms, in harmony with yourself and with others.

During this Champion's Mindset course, you will learn:

  1. How to balance internal and external importance
  2. How to deal with negative self-perception and recognise your values and purpose
  3. How to stop negative self-talk and recognise distracting patterns
  4. How to become authentic, the foundation for confidence
  5. How to separate easily emotions from facts and will be able to have a greater decision making
  6. The most effective, fast-acting solutions to deal with anxieties, tiredness, stress, fear and self-doubt

Book your course today £250 pp. Duration 4 hr. Full day event.


Lifementor4U is a strategy consultancy delivering high-impact, innovative self-awareness and motivational sales courses based on a combination of mindset methodologies for sales and new business development. The objective is to help clients, from SMEs to large corporates, to improve organisational effectiveness, build high performance teams and anticipate future challenges.