Microsoft Excel 2013 Training Course: Advanced

This 1 day Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced training course is available either at your premises or at the local Cambourne training venue.

Dates Monday, February 10, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 06:00
Venue This 1 day course can either be held at your premises or at the local Cambridgeshire venue in Cambourne on a date suitable for you.
Contact Name Cindy
Contact Phone 0800 158 3588
Website Event website

Event details:

What are Macros? How do I edit the code? Why should I use them? If these are questions you've asked then this is the training course for you. Although this course focuses primarily on Macros there are other aspects to hone your Excel skills.

You will also become familar with Conditional Formatting, Data Validation and Auditing Worksheets. 

Course Outline

Using and Editing Macros in Excel 2013

  • Recording a Macro
  • Editing the Macro Code
  • Attaching a Macro to a Button on the Ribbon

Conditional Formatting changing cells based on a value

  • Using Formulas with Conditional Formatting
  • Customising the Icon Sets

Working with Others

  • Password Protecting Files
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Tracking Changes
  • Merging Workbooks
  • Digital Signatures

Data Validation including drop down lists

  • Ensuring Users Enter the correct Text
  • Using Drop Down Lists
  • Giving guidance to users by displaying an Input Message
  • Giving custom error messages

Auditing Worksheets

  • Trace Formulas in Excel
  • Finding Errors in your Formulas
  • Evaluate your Formulas
  • Scenarios
  • Using the Analysis Toolpak Add on
  • Sparklines - Mini charts in your Cells

Integrating External Data

  • Importing data
  • Getting live Data from the Web
  • Getting Data from Access
  • Using XML what is it and how can it benefit me

To see a full list of training rates are available on our website, alterntaively each course page has a course calculator for your convenience. 

The course outline is available to view here and via the website. 

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