Motivation Masterclass (Exploring Employee Engagement) [a Cambridge Network Course]

This half-day workshop will explore the impact of different personalities on the culture of an organisation, and specifically how managers’ behaviour can influence culture, consciously or otherwise.

Dates Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 09:30 to 12:30
Venue Eagle Labs, 7-8 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN
Contact Name Sara Baxter
Contact Phone 01223 746801
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Event details:

- How can I encourage high levels of motivation and performance within my team?

- I have a team of diverse individuals that all seem to require a different management approach. How do I handle this?

- How do my management strengths create an environment in which my team can be motivated?


The Concept

Good managers are interested in knowing what they can do to help create an environment in which each member of their team can be motivated and give their best.  This can be challenging, as people are very different!

This workshop will therefore explore the impact managers’ behaviour can have on motivation and culture, consciously or otherwise.  Similarly, it will look at the significance of the different personalities of our team members, as well as their underlying attitudes and values, particularly with regard to the Psychological Contract.  It will also examine organisational environment and job design to understand the contribution they make.

A series of models demonstrating historical and current thinking on the subject of motivation will be included to anchor our discussions.  We will also look at some commonly used management tools and processes, and how they can be more or less motivating depending on how they are carried out. Space for personal reflection and action planning will be created throughout the workshop.


The Structure

The workshop duration is a half day.  It will involve:

  • Exploring topics through group discussions
  • Input from the tutors on concepts, models and techniques
  • Time for self-reflection and assessment
  • Sharing ideas in pairs and small groups
  • Identifying concrete actions to take away


Workshop Outline

Opening session

  • Welcome, introductions, course overview.
  • Exploration of the current challenges that participants are experiencing in motivating their teams.

The Role of the Manager

  • The role of a manager in optimising talent and the impact and influence that managers can have (positive and negative) on the motivation of the people around them.
  • Initial reflection by participants on what motivates them personally.

Models of Motivation

  • The development of thinking on motivation, from the original thinking to the present day, emphasising the key concepts.
  • Consideration of how individuals might differ in what motivates them.
  • The importance of objective setting and the provision of high-quality feedback, together with balancing support and challenge in managing performance.
  • The motivational opportunities afforded by strengths-based approaches.
  • Personal reflection: “How can I practically apply some, or all of this thinking to the motivation of my team members?”.

Closing Session

  • Revisiting the role that management behaviour plays in shaping organisational culture, and the significance of role modelling: “How can I influence the broader environment to foster high levels of motivation?”.
  • Round table sharing of the insights and actions that participants will be taking back to their organisations.
  • Translating these into concrete action points for application back in the work place.


Duration: Half Day Credits: 1.3
Max. Delegates: 12 Member Cost: £195.00+VAT
  Non-member Cost: £292.00+VAT


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Paul has worked as a senior learning and development professional in a number of companies, spanning retailing, financial services and utilities. In these roles he specialised in extended management development programmes which has continued into his current practice. More recently he has developed a consultancy practice specialising in the support of high technology, pharmaceutical and engineering businesses across the UK, but with a focus on the Cambridge area. His consultancy concentrates on individual, team and organisation development, and he has developed a range of high impact workshops, blended with coaching support. Paul is also an accredited practitioner for MBTI, Insights and Belbin. All of these services and workshops are now available online and I can deliver on a variety of platforms.