Motivation -Supporting you to engage and motivate your children

These are extraordinary & challenging times- Understanding what motivates us & how we can support our children's wellbeing is crucial. 

Dates Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue Free Webinar
Contact Name Sarah Stones - Plain Sailing Motivation
Contact Phone 07816178616
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Event details:

As we adjust to the 'new normal' understanding what motivates both you and your children has become even more crucial. When we are motivated we learn faster, we are more engaged, our wellbeing improves and we are more creative.

Join other parents for this webinar and spend time exploring and learning about how you can improve your motivation and importantly your children's.

Your motivation affects your attitude to risk, change and even the language you use. If you understand what motivates you as a parent and what motivates your children you can begin to change your language and use simple, easy to implement strategies that will improve your relationships, and enable you to support your children in the right way for them.

Understanding what motivates them will enable you to support them with living differently over the coming months as well as looking at the future choosing options and with career choices.

This session will

  • give you insight and simple take away actions you can put into practise straight away into how to support your children
  • give you insight into the impact your individual motivators (or needs) have on your relationships and how you can use this insight to support and improve your relationships.



Plain Sailing Motivation supports people with understanding how important motivation is on everything we do and say and how we can develop our knowledge of motivation to support our own and others motivation, engagement and well being

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Whether you need to improve your organisation's, your own or your children's motivation and engagement, we work with you to identify the best solution. No one is motivated by another person – our motivation comes from within.

As Motivation Specialists, we help you identify what naturally motivates individuals so you can make subtle changes in the way you support them. This improves both wellbeing and performance.

We provide mentoring, coaching and training.